More RAM, more internal storage, external HDD / SSD, external or portable monitor, USB / Thunderbolt hub for connecting more peripherals, gaming mouse, etc?

  • I need to replace the battery on my laptop and also get a higher capacity RAM stick if I'm lucky.

  • I need a higher capacity SSD since I'm running out of space for everything.

  • I'll probably buy an external hard drive to move my files around easily. I don't like having to hook up a USB cable between two computers constantly.

  • I'm sorry to read this, Skyline444. I know how frustrating it can be. I hope the days ahead bring you good fortune  Thumbsup

  • Thanks, Octopod114! NVIDIA is about to release the RTX 4000 Super series soon (mid-life GPU architecture upgrade), so the current RTX 4000 inventory should get a price drop heading into the new year  Fingers crossed 

  • I’d like a new SSD for my laptop. Mine is pretty slow, and a faster one would be nice 

  • You have me curious, jts_stl. I'm trying to wean myself off of Windows for a second time - I don't like the recent infusion of AI tech into Windows... for privacy / security reasons. Back in 2019, I tried using openSUSE Tumbleweed as my primary OS for six months, but the office / productivity tools just weren't up to par. The current versions of LibreOffice and Thunderbird are vast improvements - I actually switched over to using them in place of MS Office on Windows this year. I'm dabbling with a few alternative OS's at the moment. Can you mention what flavor of Linux you're using and if you like it?

    For others reading this, external HDD / SSD storage, even flash drives in some cases, are great additions for testing and using alternative operating systems like Linux with your computer.

  • Thanks for commenting, EarthMover953!  An internal storage upgrade is on my priority list too Thumbsup 

  • 'Seems like you can finally chillax with your system again, Kevin!  A good place to be Smiley

  • I upgraded my gpu and psu last month so I'm set internally. I just might treat myself to a 32" curved monitor though