Why does everyone keeps killing each other on GTA online

Everyone keeps killing each other on GTA online, it sucks sometimes I'm in a mission and someone just runis it for me. Does this happen to you too?

  • As far as I know that is always been the culture, but I know what you mean.

  • Yup, there is just no respect in GTA.  People living out their fantasies - it's a regular Westworld out there....

  • It is just the way it is there, no one wants to do anything except gank others.

  • What a culture! I hope things change on GTA6

  • I hope GTA6 brings some good vibes

  • Too much power and too little ambition,!

  • There is troll in every game looking for reaction like yours here

  • Everyone is because there are just too many reasons to do so. Some find it fun to grief others, some find it funny to just do it, some are literally just listening to the game whispering in their ear to go after the guy that is doing a mission to make a whole $2000 GTA dollars, and the K/D warrior people. . .well they somehow have not realized the K/D was removed from free mode. Its just how it is, really hoping GTA 6 has a less griefer like culture, starting with no K/D from the beginning.

  • Literally the same as in RL. There’s that one person who thinks what they are doing is more important than anyone around them. Main character syndrome.

  • I think that is just the way of GTA Online. Which is why I have barely played it.