Rank Your Top 5 PC Games for 2023

What were the best (new) games you played this year? Why did you rank them this way?

  • 1-garry's mod

    2-resident evil 4


    4-We Become What We Behold

    5-stick it to the stick man

    I arranged these games in this way because Garry's Mod is a game that depends on your imagination and gives you freedom in your decisions. It is a game that contains many wonderful and unique mods, and other games mysteriously embody real things that happen in our real world.

  • 1. Baldur's Gate 3

    2. Lethal Company

    3. Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty

    Just three as I don't get to play that much, but these three have been a blast. First two are great with friends, last one is a great solo campaign.

  • I'll be honest I didn't actually play too many new games this year.  I only really played new games I knew I'd love so in no particular order: System Shock remake, The Talos Principle 2, Dave the Diver, Everspace 2, Starfield.  Baldur's Gate 3 would probably be on the list but I haven't actually gotten around to playing it yet.

  • 1-Baldur's Gate 3

    2-Spiderman 2

    3-Lies of P

    4-Resident Evil 4 Remake

    5-Hi Fi Rush

    Baldur's Gate 3 is such a complete game in every aspect imo which is why it gets top spot. Spiderman 2 is absolutely great. If it has any flaws, it is an occasional weak spot in the story. Lies of P was most played games this year currently on my third playthrough experimenting with different builds/weapons. It was exactly what I needed this year after playing Elden Ring so many times last year. RE:4 is the best remake of a game I have played although RE2 isn't far behind. I had to put Hi Fi Rush in the list to include an indie game in a year where I feel indies weren't as great as past years where we got games like Dead Cells, Hades, Ori games, Cuphead, Voidheart, Slay the Spire etc... Hopefully 2024 will offer better indies than 2023.

  • Baldur's Gate, Cyberpunk, RE4 Remake, Fire Emblem (nonPC), and TotK. Starfield could be in if modded intensively. The list I chose was mainly based on playtime, which collaborates with the fun factor while playing!

  • Another great list. I forgot about Fire Emblem. I didn't think about some of the Awesome Switch games I played this year.

  • I am very interested to hear what people post so i can start building my skills and entertainment.. thanks

  • There haven't been a lot of games calling to me this year. Robocop was a surprising gem, System Shock's remake was great and Super Mega baseball 4 was alright - aside from that, it's mostly genres I'm just not into

  • 1. Baldur's Gate 3,  2. Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty . 3. Dave the Diver, 4. Starfield, 5. not sure