Have you ever tried making a short movie with a video game (Machinima)?

Machinima was very popular just a few years ago, but I don't see it popping up too often on social media these days. I thought it was funny when a team of Halo soldiers would start performing a choreographed dance number in the middle of a mission, etc... lol. Have you ever tried making your own Machinima?

  • I have not.  Sounds interesting.  Never hea5d on Machinima.

  • Not really, but would watch a lot of them in the early 2000's.

  • I remember my friend makes one use dark souls the video was taken down by youtube due to copyright but the videos is funny and witty

  • Thanks for your reply, Gukweto! That's too bad about your friend's video being taken down. I did some research after I wrote my question above and it appears that some game studios have imposed guidelines on how their games and their game characters can be represented in Machinima (similar to movie studio guidelines for fan films of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.). Perhaps, that is why there is less Machinima these days. I suppose the non-profit "fair use" rights of recorded gameplay could still be debated. To me, it always seemed like a great way to learn how to frame a scene for filmmaking.

  • I've been researching the topic of Machinima a little more since I asked the question to start this thread. I noticed NVIDIA has an option for its Omniverse suite specifically targeting Machinima, appropriately named Omniverse Machinima. I checked the download licensing options and it appears to be free for personal use. However, the recommended hardware specs include the RTX 5000 Ada, which is the professional workstation series of NVIDIA GPUs. Fortunately, Lenovo actually provides these GPUs as options for some of its laptops / PCs. I guess you could also try Omniverse Machinima with a high-end gaming GPU like an RTX 4080 / 4090 and see how far you get.

    In any case, here's a link: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/omniverse/apps/machinima

    ...and here's a demo video: www.youtube.com/watch

    UPDATE: I watched some of the tutorials covering Omniverse Machinima and it's basically a collaborative tool that can use 3D game assets to create a movie. A "connector" feature / tool is mentioned, but I'm not sure how many games it can access 3D assets from. I've also seen mention of it working with an NVIDIA RTX 3070 GPU as a minimum requirement. Omniverse Machinima appears to use a lot of RAM for caching 3D content, so the more RAM on the graphics card the better.

    See tutorial: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/on-demand/session/omniverse2020-om1309/?playlistId=playList-47c82b05-ad05-4d02-9f65-8c0ff48a0550

  • Wow i havent heard that name in a long time, i remember coming back from school and watching that channel all the time.  I tried getting into it but at that time i did not have a computer capable of it.

  • Thanks for your feedback, Carlos! I was surprised to see that there is really no outlet for it today. Based on the advancements in real-time rendering, higher resolution textures and 3D objects, and the ability to mod games, I thought there would be a lot more of it.

  • I have never really thought about it. Also not sure if it would be something that interests me at this time but it sounds interesting. maybe in the future. not sure

  • No, but i have been using short video. This seems like the next in progression. Must look into it.