Laptop that is decent

I was looking at laptops and I found one that's not too much the Lenovo Legion 5 with RTX 3050ti graphics I was wondering how long this card will last for heavy gaming or should I just go for something more powerful any recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Short answer: The new Legions, if this is a 2023 model you are looking at, have a refreshed RTX 3050 which has 6gb of VRAM. That would get you a little bit further than the original 4gb but the actual power this GPU has still won't do great at these highly demanding titles. So if you are referring to high graphics settings on very graphically demanding games, you should at least step up to a Legion or the more affordable LOQ with at least an RTX 4050, but ideally an RTX 3060 or at best 4060. The RTX 4060 has 8gb of VRAM which can handle the unoptimized titles and has more power. RTX 4060 would be able to handle basically any game you can throw at it.

    I have a Legion 5i with an RTX 3050 which is basically the same power according to comparisons by JarrodsTech, just a small increase on the 3050ti but the same VRAM. If we are talking you want to play current AAA games with high or ultra settings kind of heavy gaming, the RTX 3050ti unfortunately will not do it for new games, it will do just fine for older more optimized titles though from 1 or 2+ years ago or the smaller optimized titles from this year. I love this device's quality and reliability but I chose this system with the 3050 GPU right before games suddenly got highly unoptimized like Hogwarts Legacy for example. Stuff like that just isn't ideal, still playable at certain settings but not great on a 3050. These devices just don't have the GPU VRAM (only 4gb) to run current games with heavy graphics settings, maybe medium but not a high frame rate. For example, Fortnite which is actually more optimized than most games this year, will run 80 fps maxed out with the old settings dx11, but turn on modern graphics on dx12 (not including ray tracing) just the nanite, and you'll get an unstable 30 - 60fps even with some settings turned down due to just running out of VRAM. But if you want to do stuff like heavy minecraft modding or high frame rate esports titles like Apex Legends though, this will do just fine.