What do you think about the current state of simulator/racing game developers?

I personally think some games are at their golden age,while some are on their downfall. take for example: Forza Horizon 5/Motorsport or some NFS Games. these are 2 examples that I THINK arent doing really great now. gameplay is a bit boring and its just a bold gamplay aside from the start. some games like BeamNG,ETS2,ATS,Asseto and ATS are really doing great. now why is that? i really think its just because of the communication between the devs and the community. ETS2,ATS and beamng have such a flow with mods its really a part of the game. the community speaks alot and gathers feedback. just wholesome. and the devs for ETS/ATS explore countries and states THEMSELVES just to gather the most accurate information for maps for their games. thats the most dedicated thing ive heard from a game developing group. but i want to know some others too,because the ones i listed are the ones I KNOW. so,what do YOU think are the best game developers at the time?

  • Gran Turismo fan here. Having dabbled in other simulators, I feel a critical aspect of racing game simulators that is often overlooked are the impact of nostalgia. In the case of GT, it seems like many of the advertisements and press releases are geared toward attracting new players or players from other fanbases while neglecting the desires of its existing fanbase. For example, many courses and cars available in the 90s titles are absent and older releases lost online support relatively early compared to other titles. Historically, GT has also favored sponsors' or stakeholders' wishes over gamers' wishes, the most notable case being its lack of damage physics until recently.

  • Very true, I play some flight sims and this applies there too. Developers that have better communication with their audience really do outshine the others. 

  • I completely agree with you. Would even add that some devs got lazy and don't even want to listen to the community... 

  • I myself would love a vintage racing simulator.  Will I every see such a thing...?  I'd say rather unlikely.

  • From an outside perspective since I don't play these games, the actual game mechanics and realism are only getting more impressive, but the trend towards live service design with the big names is quite worrying.  Hopefully the smaller titles can continue to impress without following that same road.

  • I've moved on from the genre after EA bought Codemasters

  • Thins will improve a day at time, but it will get better withing time.

  • Unfortunately I haven't played many sim type racing games since Gran Turismo keeps letting me down.  I might give that new Forza a shot since it's on gamepass, just haven't had the time to jump into it.  Honestly I think a lot of the issue is big name companies wanting to maximize profits and less money going into it because of that.  Not in the sim genre, but Burnout Paradise was great for me, at least back on PS3.  Quality updates an DLC added every once in a while. The remaster missed the mark though.

  • I think some elements could be improved with AI