A Trekkie's Lament

Hello all,

For many years, I have been hunting for a first-person spaceship simulator that allows you to both travel the galaxy AND walk around on board a moving spacecraft. Star Trek TNG gives me the itch and the franchise titles are pretty dated and/or not player friendly.

Steam has been flooded with low-effort examples for years now. And sure, there are many excellent space titles that approximate this (e.g. Mass Effect), but alas no cigar.

In the last Autumn Sale, I managed to get a discount copy of Empyrion which does a great job with survival and exploration mechanics. It helps that the game looks absolutely magical at times. To my disappointment, however, I learned pretty late that you cannot walk around while your ship is in motion. (The physics of vehicles in general are pretty gross, too.)

Will I ever live out my spacefarer fantasies? Or is trek a lost cause?

  • I've got a recommendation though I don't know if it will tick all your boxes here. I have seen a while back on YouTube a game called X4 Foundations, it is a real time strategy however you can pilot ships. The videos I've seen of it are mainly from a modded version of it (X4 Interworlds) which changes it to Star Wars where they are able to walk around the interior of a Star Destroyer while traveling or in battle. There is a Star Trek mod for the game too, I'd say it may be worth looking into it.

  • A game you could look into is Star Citizen.  While I dont know much about it or have played it, from what I have seen is it is pretty immersive, huge world, and vast.  It has spaceships you can travel in to explore different enviornments. Another you could look into off the top of my head would be No Mans Sky.

  • I got nothing for you but also am interested in the recommendations. Maybe there's a talented game developer lurking about! 

  • I guess the game developers don't want us to live in Utopia.

  • Starfield maybe sorta and theres a star wars game called Outlaws but not sure how much walk around while in motion either have.

  • Cool!  Going to have to check out some of these myself!

  • Lemme know if you find this game. Mass effect was the closest to this experiance I've found. 

  • Hope you do get to live out your spacefarer fantasies!!!Have to check this out myself!

  • There are a few games that might be what you are looking for. No Man's Sky and Star Citizen are both great candidates and decent games. You could also check out games like Galaxy Outlaws or Elite Dangerous but those are mainly focused on space interactions and less so actual planet exploration. The Mass Effect games have some elements of what you are looking for but exploration is limited to a small set of star systems but as a huge sci-fi fan they have a lot to offer if you are into space sagas.

  • Yes, I recall that No Man's Sky was revamped since it released so I will definitely check it out the next time it's on sale. Thanks everyone!