A Trekkie's Lament

Hello all,

For many years, I have been hunting for a first-person spaceship simulator that allows you to both travel the galaxy AND walk around on board a moving spacecraft. Star Trek TNG gives me the itch and the franchise titles are pretty dated and/or not player friendly.

Steam has been flooded with low-effort examples for years now. And sure, there are many excellent space titles that approximate this (e.g. Mass Effect), but alas no cigar.

In the last Autumn Sale, I managed to get a discount copy of Empyrion which does a great job with survival and exploration mechanics. It helps that the game looks absolutely magical at times. To my disappointment, however, I learned pretty late that you cannot walk around while your ship is in motion. (The physics of vehicles in general are pretty gross, too.)

Will I ever live out my spacefarer fantasies? Or is trek a lost cause?

  • I haven't come across any like that myself (other than a list of Trek games on Wikipedia) but it sounds really interesting. (I like trek myself.)
    Glad you brought it up. Hopefully someone on this thread will have some leads.

  • Although you aren't able to walk around during travel, only before, there is starfield.  The planet exploration is pretty cool and you can interact with crew members, but it left me wanting more.