Desktop or Laptop? How to choose a new device.

What are your thoughts on the age old question: "Should I get a desktop or a laptop"?

Each group has it's own benefits and drawbacks. I have included my thoughts below on the pros of each to hopefully help you make the right decision for your circumstances. 


Portability - If you plan to be super mobile, than a laptop is a clear choice. Taking it to classes, a friends house, or just finding different cozy locations at home. If portability is key for you then go with a laptop. 

Workload - If you are doing a light workload or don't plan on multitasking, than a laptop can be a good option as well. By utilizing a docking station, it is also possible to have a home base with a multi display setup when needed. 


Cost - As a general rule of thumb, if a desktop and laptop have the same specs, the desktop will be cheaper. Desktops (especially home built ones) also typically come with longer warranty periods on the individual items. Some items can even extend out to 10 years. Finally, desktops can be upgraded easier than laptops. Down the line if you want a new GPU, then the swap out CAN be simple. You just have to keep upgrades in mine when building to future proof your desktop. 

Customization - When building a desktop, nearly everything can be customized. From the case size/shape, to individual components, to having everything RGB. Desktops offer an almost choice paralyzing amount of options when going with a new build. Don't fret though, there are many sites and services to help you be able to built your own unique setup. 

Durability - It has been my experience that desktops tend to last longer. Being stationary certainly helps with any of the accidental drops that a laptop may experience, but even the little things like increased air flow help extend longevity here. I also am a firm believer that the excess space helps because laptop parts often make sacrifices to reduce size and allow for mobility. 

While there are certainly exceptions to every rule, the above are just my thoughts on the subject. If you are in the market for a new device and haven't made your decision on which route to proceed down, then i hope this helps you out! I am also interested in what thoughts and comments other will have. Please leave them below!

  • Awesome post, and great points on the pros/cons on both systems!

  • I'd always recommend a desktop instead of a laptop unless it's for work and you've got a top tier server to do work on instead and are using the laptop as a terminal mostly.

  • But what if you're always travelling sir? Laptops have the portability and have enough punch to run most games on moderate graphic settings. Only issue is having the space to use a mouse properly or a decent keyboard

  • I haven't traveled in over 14 years so not exactly on my priorities list :^)

  • Laptops have definitely gotten better with durability and cost but the modular components of a desktop won't be beat.

  • i travel quite often for work (under normal circumstances). I love my work laptop, but i love coming home to my desktop. I got my little sisters each a laptop in the last few years though for school. I tried getting them to go for a desktop, but they greatly wanted a laptop. 

  • it really is a good guide

  • I'd say there's one more plus to a desktop, the building experience.  It parallels with your customization item, but I've found it really interesting and fun to learn about all the components and build my own desktop a few times now.  Plus, when you build your own you tend to do better on both cost and durability by balancing good parts with a lower overall cost.

  • Thank you for sharing - really nice summary!

  • Ok but how do you game while at the grocery store?