Gaming resolutions

Can gamers really notice a difference in resolution when you are in the game? And it's not in your mind.

  • I really only notice significant leaps in difference. Highest res is great to admire the artistry & effort put into games, but I opt for lower res for smooth performance. 

  • I don't notice much difference to be honest

  • Like Michael G. I'll only notice with larger differences in setting. Different monitors will also need the higher resolutions.

  • Anything under 1080p is especially noticeable to me. I mainly game in 1080p on my pc and don't get benefit that is worth it to game in 4K. If I want to game in 4K, I just boot up my PS5. 4K gaming really isn't noticeable unless you use a large 4K screen OLED quality monitor. Any small screen monitor will not benefit much from the extra pixels.

  • Greatly depends on the game and the monitor type you are using

  • Yep, objects look sharper. Everything looks more crisp.

  • 1080p to 4k is noticable but not world changing. Any drop down from 1080p is extremely noticeable

  • It depends on the monitor and the settings you usually use

  • You can notice the difference between 4k and 1080p but as far as gaming goes as long as it runs smooth I am happy. Diablo 4 looks great and runs smooth on my Lenova Legion 5i pro laptop the detail in the game is incredible.

  • I dont notice the difference especially if its a fun to play game that I'm enjoying.  Think that would only really notice on a larger display, where the pixels by default are bigger.