What brand offers quality headphones or earbuds for less than $100?

Hi, I wanted to know what brand of headphones or earbuds would you recommend that are less than $100?  

  • I've used Skullcandy earbuds for audiobooks and old Rockefish headphones for gaming. Both have worked well for low cost. But I'm no audiophile. 

  • I think there is a definite CHEAP but LEGENDARY status given to Truthear x Crinacle Zero's. So many people rave about them and they are $50 US. Also, this guy is an audio review king and has so many good affordable recommendations: www.youtube.com/watch

  • I've used Skullcandy and Jlab. I think Jlab has great wireless earbuds and skullcandy has the best wired. For headphones i would recommend skullcandy since i've had experience with them the Jlab headphones i have are a bit wonky but they were their cheaper version of their pricier headphones. 

  • I don't use them, but Amazon offers a wide range of prices on headphones that are most certainly less than $100. I think that's a pretty large budget for earbuds! I wouldn't spend more than $40.

  • Bose is superior, but there is no shortage of discounted generic brands available on Ebay and Amazon.

  • Final VR3000 earbuds is what I use, sound quality is great and it's currently sitting at $78 on amazon. 

  • Jlab is cheap and decent

  • I'm testing out a pair of HyperX Cloud earbuds.  I like that they don't have the normal rounded buds that squish into your ear but are held in place by this little flange looking thing that pushes against your ear.  Got them on Amazon for like $30, decent sound.  Haven't tested how I sound on the mic yet though.

  • I've tested out a lot of headsets and Steelseries is a brand that I highly recommend. I own a few of the Arctis series from them. Best Buy currently has the Arctis 9 for $99, it's a great headset. There's other Arctis headsets that are great that are cheaper than that as well. If you can afford to get the Arctis 9 though, I would definitely recommend doing so.

  • I usually get wireless Jlab or Anker although Jlab tend to last longer and sound a little bit better but I only use them as a backup when my wireless noise cancelling Sony XM4 earbuds run out of charge which sound excellent but run $200 or more.