What PC game did you truly enjoy the most in 2023?

Which PC game did you really enjoy in 2023 regardless of how old or new, popular or unheard of, big or small? I love AAA gaming but I also enjoy finding hidden gems or games I never got around to checking out. I have put several hundred hours into 7 Days to Die this past year and I am loving it. I owned it for a few years but it took me  while to get into it. I also just started Baldur’s Gate 3 a few days ago. I am liking it so far but have yet to get that far. What about you?

  • I was really excited for Diablo IV despite the disappointing seasonal content

  • Pizza Tower was fun!

  • I really enjoyed Lego FortniteIt's been a while since I spent that much time playing a game solo and it was all free. I made goals to upgrade to stronger weapons and tools, and worked towards completing them. I hope they add more content in the future.

  • I started playing Grim Dawn and have been having a lot of fun with that. I've had the base game for a little while and decided to give it a try while waiting for Diablo 4. I ended up buying all the DLC and still haven't played Diablo yet. There were a couple of other games that I had a lot of fun with, but Grim Dawn has been in my rotation with no breaks or signs of burning out.

  • Not really a game, but a platform. I finally got around to checking out Roblox this past year and I've been playing a lot of it every since.