What's your favorite FPS game right now and why?


I was wondering what everyone's favorite First Person Shooter (FPS) game is right now? What consoles can you play it on? And why do you like it?

Thnx ^.^

  • Anything Call of Duty. It's a yearly price grab, but idk. Had so much fun playing those games over the years. Medal of Honor is gone, so it's that or nothing for me. 

  • Not huge on FPS myself (my aim is forever trash), but even still, I'll always be a die hard Borderlands (any edition) fan.

  • The finals. It’s a mix of overwatch aspects and CS: Go. It has very destructible environments and abilities that make characters dynamic. I think it’s cross platform 

  • Still Titanfall 2 for me. It's a game I will revisit since it's the greatest FPS I have ever played. 

  • I've played very few, but I do like the Bioshock games, and Cyberpunk (which are first person perspective, and involve shooting, not sure if they count as true FPS). 

  • Right now, Darkness 2. Gameplay wise it's the typical shooter of it's time. I'm enjoying the writing with the weird humor. Playing it on PC.

  • I think right now it's Fortnite. Any platform you can play it on. I like it because it feels fun, the battle pass does not feel grindy as other battle royales I have played and the value is much better. I have been playing the Fortnite festival a rhythm game and its fun too.

  • I used to be big into the Battlefield games, especially BFBC2, BF3, and BF4. Right now I'm still new, but I enjoy Apex Legends.

  • I like the finals the only issue I have with the game is I can not play this alone only with friends makes it much more fun.

  • Actually Fortnite right now lol