Which game got you "hooked" on gaming?

For me, it wasn't until I was in my mid-30s that I even decided I wanted to give gaming a go.  It started with some chill games on the Switch, which led to some solo games like Borderlands, but ultimately my partner got me into FFXIV which became my new obsession for around a year, lol.  Now, a streamer I enjoy immensely opened a community guild on WoW Classic with the newest expansion, so I jumped into that, and it's my nightly obsession.

  • It was when I first started playing MMORPG because of the community aspect of them

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Earliest memory is testing LAN multiplayer by slapping me and my brothers characters on our tablets.

  • Castle Wolfenstein

  • My progression went something like this: Final Fantasy 2 on SNES (addictive and stayed up some late nights), Doom on PC (my brother and I played the free demo over and over, sent in a check to get the full version on floppy), EverQuest which speaks for itself, and now Switch for portable gaming and PC for great indie stuff and a few AAA games here and there. 

  • The Original Super Mario Bros on the NES

  • Star Wars Republic Commando, that was the first game I actually played with online multiplayer and it got me more interested in the fun competition online. Sure, there were single player titles that got me in first but considering how multiplayer heavy my gaming is today this would be it.

  • For me it was the super mario games for snes I started those at an early age and I've been gaming ever since but one that I will always love as possibly my favorite game ever is legend of zelda ocarina of time for n64... straight up masterpiece 

  • Someone introduced me to Tremulous and that got me into fps gaming. After that, I moved from game to game, looking for the next best f2p fps game, until I grew bored of it and moved into the open world genre.

  • Atari's Pong in a table enclosure at Pizza Hut many, many years ago. The table was covered by glass and underneath was a CRT facing upwards. I believe the controller buttons were under the glass too, near the edge. You could play it with your family and friends while waiting for your pizza. I saw those moving electronic rectangles / lines and squares and thought computer graphics would change the world. Years later, I eventually wound up studying Computer Graphics at the University of Utah - a pioneering university in the field... that currently also has the #1 Game Development curriculum in the US  Thumbsup

  • The when I had like 6 I play a lot arcade games and super Nintendo, my grandfather's own some arcades in which I use to play a lot I really miss playing KoF also I my mother had the Nintendo and I use to play Donkey Kong and a game of Batman that I never pass but I remember having fun.