Which game got you "hooked" on gaming?

For me, it wasn't until I was in my mid-30s that I even decided I wanted to give gaming a go.  It started with some chill games on the Switch, which led to some solo games like Borderlands, but ultimately my partner got me into FFXIV which became my new obsession for around a year, lol.  Now, a streamer I enjoy immensely opened a community guild on WoW Classic with the newest expansion, so I jumped into that, and it's my nightly obsession.

  • Original NES and Super Mario Bros!  Then, I stopped gaming for a while and thats when a friend told me I should pick a game called World of Warcraft and join him and some friends.  That got me back into gaming.

  • Various Nintendo games, playing with my young son, was really enjoyable -- Mario Party, Donkey Kong, etc. 

  • My love of gaming started as a kid going to the arcade. The first game was Space Invaders.

  • Classic Runescape back in the days 

  • Got me early with Mario Bros. Played games before that on Atari, but didn't take hold until Mario.

  • The original Wolfenstein later on Dume, Quake, and others like it

  • Super Mario World on the SNES was the start for me.  Can't imagine going 30+ years without games for myself personally, it's cool that you jumped on and are now an addict like the rest of us haha

  • The original legend of zelda. Played it as a kid, couldn't stop and haven't stopped to this day.

  • The first game that really "hooked" me was pbly Asteroids on the Atari 2600. I put a lot of time into the D&D "gold box" games on my Commodore after that, not to mention the masterpiece that was Planescape: Torment! And that was all before I got an NES! Grin

  • For me, it was Space Invaders and Battlezone on the Atari 2600 four decades ago and then Nintendo came out with the NES with hits like Super Mario, Kung Fu, Contra, Ghosts n Goblins, Donkey Kong and Double Dragon and I would game every chance I would get. All of these games on both Atari and NES were home consoles. The local Arcades had a huge impact on me in early 80's as it and roller rinks were the place to hang out on weekends. I remember the first time I played Pole Position and Star Wars being able to sit in a cockpit with a wheel or flight stick and it was mind blowing. As a kid, you could only imagine how immersive it was with a child's imagination. Shout out to games like Ikari Warriors, Galaga, Joust, Centipede, Dragon's Lair and Karateka and also Pinball machines which were probably my stepping stone to video games in late 70's even though I would have to have my mom find a crate or something sturdy to stand on to play at the local laundry mat. Lol. Gaming has such a rich history.