Console, laptop, or desktop favorite?

What is your favorite setup to play on?

  • PS console when I have time. Phone occasionally.

  • GUESS i AM a dinosaur, still like a good PC setup

  • Desktop.  Bigger Screen, Better Audio, More powerful than a Laptop.  Only negative is that you can't carry it around to play other places.  LOL

  • Hard to pick for me. I love gaming on my laptop, but I find myself more frequently using my Switch, or even more often than that, my RG-ARC (retro emulation FTW!). If I had to pick one though, I'd probably have to choose the laptop, if for no other reason than I can pretty much play anything on it - PC game or emulated console game. Many choices = lots of fun!

  • To be honest, I still like consoles better for gaming. They have everything working out of the box. And it's very quick to start gaming. Of course the fact that I don't have a proper setup influences this by a lot.

  • I like an All-in-one desktop. They have the capabilities and comfort of a desktop but they take up less space and can be taken somewhere fairly simply.

  • Desktop, because it can always do more.

  • Desktop, always desktop.  Nothing else provides the same power, flexibility, and customization options.

  • I am used to playing on the PS console. Not that I have issues with the other platforms. Just preference and familiarity!

  • Console has always been my preferred. If I am on the go or traveling I like having my steam deck