How many monitors do you prefer in your setup and why?

Hey guys!

Hope you are all doing well, I absolutely love how 2.0 looks right now and can not wait to see what comes in the future.

So how many monitors do you guys use for your setup, Why do you use the number of monitors?

For me, I have a 3 monitor setup (well 2 monitors and a laptop) I prefer 2 mainly because I have more space around my desk.

I use 3 monitors to work, develop games (which I have yet to do during covid xD), and ofc playing games and watching streams.

What about you? ^.^

  • I'm currently using 2 until gives me a hand-me-down Y24 ahahah. 

    I wish I had 3 though because I sometimes have too many things open like when I'm streaming. I use OBS Studio, Streamlabels, and MixItUp. Hopefully I won't need to use the last two once FultecBot is completely up and running.

  • I have 4 monitors and you're not getting any and I do NOT have a problem

  • I have 4 monitors and you're not getting any and I do NOT have a problem

  • This is your intervention Ben, you don't need so many monitors, it's straining your eyes. Please stop.

  • You know the saying: Behind every great man, there is a great number of monitors.

  • 2 more monitors and you could become a stock trader xD

  • Ben out here trying to become the Architect from The Matrix.

  • I have 4 split across 2 PCs as well. I need them so I can watch everything at once! My biggest pet peeve is they're all different brands, one day I need to get a matching set Blush

  • 4 are rookie numbers, you got to boosts those numbers up.

  • 3 years later, are you still using 4?