newbie to pc gaming

Hey all, new to pc gaming. what games do you guys recommend? i  have started  with cyberpunk and warzone. always played on xbox and ps4 before. open to all types of games. thanks in advance

  • some fun games that i have found for multiplayer are deep rock galactic and terraria, and then on the more Singleplayer side there is portal 2 and risk of rain 2 though both can be played with friends.

  • Take a look on Steam at some of the demos available right now during Steam Nextfest. I have tried Abiotic Factor and Dread Dawn and both are pretty cool survival games. Also, I preordered Pacific Drive which is set up to be one of the best games this year. Take a look!

  • There are games that are made to be play with keyboard and mouse but whatever.. Can't really recommend specific/exclusive PC experience but I play Monster Hunter. Why don't you try some shooting games? I feel like I had a better experience playing them with PC than console. 

  • Try some FPS games like Apex Legends or an RPG like Baldur's Gate 3. I like to play both :)

  • I'm a fan of the classics. I love Portal and Portal 2. Outside of those 2, I haven't done much else PC wise. I used to love Unreal but that's really oldschool now. I find I have better control with a mouse than with a console, but a lot of the good mutiplayer games are more console based. Steam always has a good variety of fun games to try out if you're just looking to find a good variety of options.

  • Taybe this list of the "top 25 PC Games" wil help.  Have not tried them all myself.  LOL

  • The Planet Crafter.  It is a building game, in Beta, and is cheap.   Very fun game.   I am about to start a second game.   It is about to go multiplayer Co-op.    Worth a try if you like base building and exploring.

  • Welcome to the PC Master Race. You gotta try out the Half-Life and Portal franchises. I think you will also like the Metros series. All of these are ported on console and probably already played them, but try again on PC with enhancements, higher FPS and community mods it is a whole new experience.

  • Steam has a lot of demos.  You can tour a few games to find what appeals to you.

  • Hey let me know how you like it; I'd also like to explore PC gaming as well, just to be versatile!