newbie to pc gaming

Hey all, new to pc gaming. what games do you guys recommend? i  have started  with cyberpunk and warzone. always played on xbox and ps4 before. open to all types of games. thanks in advance

  • thank you. i put all on my wish list. V tone2

  • Try some of the classic RPGs—BG1 and 2. Way different from what you've been playing, but one of the great things about PC is they're still playable.

  • I'd try first person diets first. PC controls really shine there. I'd suggest single player first. Not really sure what you'd be into but call of duty whichever sounds most appealing is always a good jumping off point. 

  • I like CO-OP games! Play It Takes Two with a good friend! PC is the place for whatever genre for whatever mood you are in. Nintendo needs to bring its games over also!