Tell Us How Old You Are, Without Telling Us How Old You Are! [GAME]

Do you remember your first game or the first game you played?

Let's play a little game... Tell Us How Old You Are, Without Telling Us How Old You Are!

When you reply, tag the person above you, and guess their age, and in your response tell us about you! What was the first game you played (outside of the coin-op arcades)? What was the first system you owned? The next person will attempt to guess your age or age range based on the "clues" you provide. You can provide a bonus clue if you wish, such as the game that got you hooked on gaming!

I'll begin...

The first game I played was on this

It was made by the now defunct, Tandy Corporation. It was sold by Radio Shack but could be purchased at Sears. Simultaneously it was the first system I owned as it was a Christmas gift from my parents. I remember feeling like a gaming demigod because I discovered a cheat accidently. If you rapid fired the shot button you'd score every time!

As a bonus clue... the first PC game I played, the game that got me hooked was this...

Yes, the first PC game I played was on an 8088 or maybe it was an 8086. It was called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the the Galaxy. The game was without graphics... text only, no controller, no graphics, no menu to save your game or load it!  A description of a scene was presented to you and you had to figure out how to progress by typing in what you wanted to do.

So... how old am I?

  •   Did you play Donkey Kong first in the arcade, have a look at the original post Wink or was it on the Atari 2600 (it looked HORRIBLE like most Atari 2600 games) or the ColecoVision in the 80s?

    Regardless... if Donkey Kong was your first game I'm guessing you are 50 - 55.

  • First game console was the Nintendo DS. First 'serious' PC game was Halo CE

  • 47 here... First game was pong on Atari, then Asteroids and Pac Man... Fun times :)

  • Alex, I am going to guess you are 35. Am I close?

    What was the first game you played (outside of the coin-op arcades)? Pong. It was on an old black and white TV. Pong was not mine, it was my older cousin’s.

    What was the first system you owned? Atari 2600

    The game that got you hooked on gaming! Nintendo Donkey Kong Game and Watch.

  • First game: 2600 version of either Pac-Man, Asteroids, or Space Invaders (probably SI)

    First system I owned: not counting the 2600 which belonged to my folks, the first system I ever owned was an NES, received new in box for Christmas.

  • Can you believe where PC graphics have changed in our lifetime? We've seen graphics come from something that barely resembled the representation of an object to now nearly blurring the lines between what is computer generated or a real scene. It may be that one day, this infamous scene for E3 more than a decade ago will be actual gameplay.

  •   You made it to easy! Laughing We were supposed to guess. Yet I must admit I would have never guessed your age based on your first games played. Instead I'm going to guess the system you played on was not Atari's most popular system the 2600. I'm thinking it was either the 5200 or their computer that competed against the Commodore Amiga, the Atari ST.

    What system was it played on?

  • First I can remember playing was a Mr. Do cabinet at my dentist's office. Some time later, my parents dusted off their old Atari 7800 and showed me how to play Frogger, Pong, Centipede and the like.


  •  Seeing that the Atari 2600 was your parents (are they still gamers?). And the first system you owned was an NES as a Christmas gift, I'm going to say you are between the ages of 35- 40, possibly 33. Could I be close?