RTX 3000 Series GPUs Announced - Discussion Thread

The new RTX Series 3000 cards are here!

The RTX 3000 graphics cards are set to change the game in terms of gaming performance this year.

What are your thoughts on the new cards?

  • These cards surpassed my expectations for next gen. They basically have a better performing graphics card at a lower price point that the old 2080TI. I am glad they continue to innovate and i hope they continue to push the boundaries here. Never settle, just keep innovating. 

  • The main comparison with the 2080ti isn't exactly fair, as that series was marketed to have high margins to recoup the dev cost of the newer architecture. The 3000 series comes back to the original price hike of new gens that we had before.

  • That is certainly true, but i am glad to see that they did not decide to continue on with the price. It would have been easy for them to make the next gen cards priced by performance versus cost. This would have opened them up to competitive threats though in my opinion.