If you won a Legion gaming laptop from Lenovo, what's the first game you'll play?

Just out of pure curiosity, If you won a Legion gaming laptop from Legion, what's the first game you'll play?

Me, if I won a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop, the first game I'll probably play would be either be DOOM Eternal, Genshin Impact or RoboCop.

  • Probably Cyberpunk, really test out what it can do (but not as massive a download as some). 

  • I didn't know there's a modern reboot of Donkey Kong Thinking

  • I’m super behind because my current laptop can’t run anything, but I think either Elden Ring or BG3.  Always wanted to play Red Dead also.  Might just celebrate the new rig by buying all 3.

  • Either Titanfall 2 or deep rock galactic probably for me

  • I'd go back old school and see if thr tombraider games worked on the system. Work my way up through the years. Would be nice to have full responsiveness and see where the graphics was then to now.

  • minecraft maybe.. its been a dream since i was a kid to add mods to my world but couldnt since i didnt have access to a PC or laptop

  • I'd give it to my husband who's trying to get games to run on his aging HP Omen. He's having trouble getting it to run recent games with higher end graphics. Baldur's gate #, Diablo IV, Elden Ring are his jam.

  • I could go for a game of Mortal Kombat.

  • Would play Elden Ring, God Of War Pc port or Alan Wake 2