If you won a Legion gaming laptop from Lenovo, what's the first game you'll play?

Just out of pure curiosity, If you won a Legion gaming laptop from Legion, what's the first game you'll play?

Me, if I won a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop, the first game I'll probably play would be either be DOOM Eternal, Genshin Impact or RoboCop.

  • Jedi Survivor is a good one!

  • I would pull out my copy of Titanfall 2 and relive the excitement! Love that game!

  • I would start with games for younger folks.. get use to the lay of the land the speed and be on my way to these more advanced games

  • I think I'd go with Crysis Warhead.

  • My dailies like Fortnite, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and Final Fantasy XIV.

    Now that I have more gaming muscle I would play Half-Life Alyx.

  • A great test would be Cyberpunk - see how high you can max it out!

  • Probably Control or Hellblade!

  • I'd play the division 2 using my TV as a moniter. Anyone know how they let you know you won and do you pay for shipping?

  • Honestly? Palword or Overwatch at this point with all the graphics pushed to max to see if it can hold max frame rates. Just my normal games lol.