Forget Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! Have a Go at Mortal Kombat vs. Disney and Pixar!!

Who would win in a fight in Hercules vs. Mr. Incredible?

Is Snow White awake enough to break the ankles of Cinderella?

In a new mod for Mortal Kombat 1 you can find out who is the toughest! Could Po (Kung Fu Panda) kick the stuffing out of the Poo Bear (Winnie the Poo)? Could Hades (Hercules) out magic the Evil Witch (Snow White)? You can find out for yourself with a new mod from Toasted Shoes!

This mod brings a whole new life to Mortal Kombat 1 if you've been getting a bit bored with it. I mean who wouldn't want to see if Shrek could beat down Beast (Beauty and the Beast)! Watch some gameplay below

You can find the mod on the creator's Patreon

Suggestion: If after watching the gameplay above and you decide to download, subscribe for only one month then cancel.

[EDIT Feburary 11, 2024]

According to MyNintendoNews it appears this mod was created by the same individual (Toasted Shoes) who created the Pokemon mod for Palworld. I'm sure we all know what happened to that mod after the creator was contacted by Nintendo. It will be interesting to see what occurs with Disney/Pixar with this...

  • Wow, that's great.  Sadly someone is going to get upset about this and it will get shut down but the idea is great and much fun.  Enjoy while it lasts everyone...

  • Gosh this is so awesome!!! What an absolutely incredible idea but is it legal?


  • That's a great question! When I watched the videos, I thought, no way is this modder going to get away with this for long. Then I thought about the several mods within other games (Grand Theft Auto, ARMA, Battlefield, Starfield, Skyrim, and etc.) for IPs such as Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars an more. It will be interesting to see because Nintendo has shot down SEVERAL mods over the years for different games, most recently the Pokemon mod for Palworld. Incidentally earlier today I stumbled upon a video of another Mortal Kombat 1 mod that was Marvel vs. Capcom.

  • Oh man!  I wanna see the finishing moves!  Pretty cool mod.  I’m sure Disney will have no problem with this.  =P

  • The finishing moves are the same as the Mortal Kombat characters considering the videos I watched. In one I saw Elsa (Frozen) perform the same finishing move as her swapped character model Frost. I noticed the same with Hercules, as his character is swapped for Kenshi. Yet, it is interesting to see Elsa and Hercules pull off a finishing move on Mickey or Goofy.

  • Interesting concept, but I think I'd get more entertainment watching the vids than actually playing it.

  • Amazing mods and wish I didn't buy the PS5 version. No need to pay for the Patreon you can search for it online. Fair is fair.

  • This would be so much fun to play, thank you for this info, I will investigate, try it, and see how fun it is. Thanks again.

  • Looks alright, not my cup of tea