All - In - Ones. Yes or No and Why

Can i get some Feedback from everyone on All-In-One desktops. Has Anyone done some light gaming on them and are they worth it?

Thanks in Advance.

  • I used to want one for less clutter, but the processors aren't great for gaming

  • Haven’t personally owned one, but from what I’ve seen they tend to be pretty restricted in power and not very well cooled. Some have laptop GPUs (HP has a few with 16 and 30 series gpus) in them which can get you going with gaming especially if you just intend to do light gaming and I can see a use of just saving desk space with just one device, but I’d say a gaming laptop can cover that purpose better. Less restricted power and better cooling while still having the option to get a separate monitor if you need better visuals, and of course the portability just makes it more flexible. It would also be cheaper, taking a look right now a gaming capable all in one with a 3050 is hovering around $1000, while a Lenovo LOQ laptop with 3050 can often be found around $600.

  • All in One designs are great for one thing and one thing only, space/footprint!

    Of course you'll save some room on a desk or other surface with an all in one design, but what you gain in smaller footprint, you often lose in performance and/or upgrade path.

    Many of the all in one designs have a severely limited upgrade path when compared to other designs. I will admit the all in one systems can often be cheaper. And this can be a deciding factor if there are budget concerns. 

    In terms of light gaming can you explain more? Are you indicating you aren't going to play games often or are you indicating the games you intend to play are simplistic in nature? Imparting that knowledge will help those of us who intend to provide you intelligent advice.


  • CPUs and GPUs are not very good for gaming. You can assemble a gaming PC yourself that will deliver more performance for less money... 

  • All-in-one desktops are really just for a work environment. Even the most expensive options available won't handle the majority of games out. For the cost, you are better off just buying a normal set-up and just going for an extremely small case if space is an issue. 

  • If gpu is good than it's worth. 

  • Define light gaming really. Are you playing 20 year old games? The nth release of unmodded skyrim? Or Just 2 hours of maxed graphics Cyberpunk 2077? Those are two very different questions.


  • Stylish space saver that is basically a laptop.   While that is not necessarily a bad thing, limits on power, upgradeability, and having to take the whole unit for repairs which might not happen as it is all in one piece does make it of limited use for middle to high end users.