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Where Do You Get Your (PC) Games?

From Steam to Epic Game Store, to GoG, where do you primarily purchase games?


Do you remember when it was an easy choice of where to purchase your PC Games? I live in the Seattle Washington area and for the longest time before Steam launched in 2003, the only place you could find PC Games was either Electronics Boutique (before being purchased by Gamestop) or Gamestop. And depending on where you lived there was a small shop called Nybbles and Bytes in the Tacoma area. Those were the days when PC games included a manual, inside a box with a CD or DVD, and a code to input which assured you actually purchased the game legitimately. It was a simpler time, no downloads that took an hour or more, you actually owned your games, and most importantly no DRMProgressively from those days to now, games have increased in quality often blurring the lines of reality with graphics that never cease to amaze me! Your wallet and ability to upgrade often becomes the barrier to blurring the edge of reality. And now with intrusive DRM, the cost to benefit for a legitimate purchaser has been ignored by many publishers.

Today, who is the key holder to the kingdom of PC Games? Undeniably it is Steam! However... is Steam always the best choice?

I say no! What do you say?

With several choices such as GoG, Epic Game Store, Ubisoft, Origin, and even the Microsoft Games for Windows store, there are several other alternative options. Couple those with legitimate Steam key sites such as:

  • Gamesplanet
  • Humble Bundle
  • Fanatical
  • GreenMan Gaming
  • indieGala

and others, there are a plethora of "places" you can "go to" in order to grab the PC Game of your choice. Throwing in some potentially questionable sites (no judgement if you buy from any these sites) such as DL Gamer, Kinguin, G2A, and others provides a dizzying array of choice to get the game you want.

So... I ask again... 

  1. Where do you get your PC Games? 
  2. Do you have a go to place that you check first? 
  3. Do you have a preference?

Vote in the Poll below (click vote at the bottom of the poll to enable voting) and discuss your thoughts in the comments.

  • In reply to my post to get the conversation moving...

    My vote was for All of the Above. Although I've been a Steam user since the launch in 2003, I learned several years ago Steam is not necessarily the best place to purchase PC Games. Many of my games have come from either being a Humble Choice Subscriber since it's inception, their bundle packs, and I've frequented the Fanatical sites for several years when they were called Bundle Stars. The majority of my Epic Game Store games have come from their every Thursday free title. I won't often purchase from EGS unless I have a $10.00 coupon. As for me... I do a manual search for whomever has the best price! 

  • I like using Steam, Epic (Free games!), and GOG. I try to keep my purchasing those three if I can, but I'm not against the others. I just don't want to have to download a ton of different apps and have my different games all over the place.

  • In my experience, sometimes it's good to shop around, I've seen some things on Origin being only on there or are cheaper on Origin than on Steam, same thing with looking at other shops and stores. though to be fair, most purchases I make are on Steam, I enjoy supporting steam and I like their business model to support developers and development houses.

  • Technically all of the above, like them all.  That being said steam is the winner just by number of titles and the best launcher by a wide margin.  Epic isn't bad and GOG has the older games but 9 out of 10 times, least for me steams just the best and easiest.

  • Maybe I'm just old (I am), but I like to have physical media. *shrug*

  • Oh yeah... the free games Epic does every Thursday have usually been great! During their holiday freebies I've scored some great AAA games like Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny 2 including all of the expansions, and more.

  • I do like Steam over Epic and the other services. GoG is definately a second choice. If what I want to purchase has been around for awhile, I'll look to GoG first then Steam to see who has the best price.

  • I agree... I miss those days. Admittedly... years ago if I purchased a game on GoG, I would make a CD/DVD of it on my drive that was Lightscribe which allowed me to print the graphic (black and white) of the game onto the disc.

  • For pc stuff I'm gonna have to pick steam.  For me its the most accessible and easiest. Especially to run on steam deck (obviously) . Although any freebies given out i claim on all platforms :p

  • I tend to prefer Steam ever since I bought Half Life 2 when it came out and I had to activate there. I love a good Steam sale and love the Steam Workshop feature for mods. I have also been a fan of using GoG since their alpha days. Lots of great classics and community. I also use Epic because I’m a sucker for free stuff and the occasional good sale.