How Do You Know a Legitimate Steam Key Seller From ... Another?

Yesterday I learned via this thread, a wealth of information from our Lenovo Community. Thank you Legionnaires, I hope we can keep that discussion going, but take this into a different direction with a related topic. Thus my reason for a new post!

In the thread I mentioned, many people discussed alternatives to purchase a Steam key from sites I've never heard before. I admit after one individual mentioned Zoom Platform, my curiosity got the best of me and I browsed a bit on the site. I was pleasantly surprised about the games available for purchase that I'm considering a couple of purchases. The Lesser Known Sites that I captured from the thread I've mentioned are:

Lesser Known Sites

  • Gamivo
  • Zoom Platform
  • Eneba
  • SCDkey
  • and others

Of course I'm accustomed to

Well Known Sites

  • Games Planet
  • GreenMan Gaming
  • Humble Bundle
  • Gamers Gate
  • Fanatical
  • IndieGala

as Steam key sellers. Many of the above sites are mentioned by gaming influencers and gaming communities across the spectrum of gamers. The fact they are mentioned often lends a sense of some credibility as well as trust.

But what about the lesser known sites?

Years ago I was introduced to lesser known Steam key sellers, sites such as G2A, Direct2Drive, Kinguin and DL Gamer (I consider them lesser known sites as they aren't often mentioned). Often these sites sell Steam, UbiSoft, Origin, and Epic Game Store keys for cheaper prices than Steam, Origin, UbiSoft, or the Epic Game Store.

Today I'm left to wonder... how?

How are sites like G2A, Direct2Drive, Kinguin, DL Gamer, Gamivo, Zoom Platform, Eneba, SCDKey, and others able to provide Steam keys cheaper? Often those sites will sell games cheaper than GamesPlanet, Humble Bundle, GreenMan Gaming, and even Steam itself? Some have said sites like Kinguin, G2A, and others aren't legit and that they are selling fake keys. Some have said other troubling things but with no evidentiary basis, at least from what I've seen.

As such... I'm genuinely confused!

In years past I've had no issues with a purchase from Kinguin, G2A, nor Direct2Drive (lesser known sites), but that is my experience, what's yours?

The intent of this discussion is not how one site or type of site is better than another. I'd like to learn of your experiences purchasing from the well known sites and the lesser known sites. What are your thoughts about the lesser known sites? Do you stay away from the lesser known sites out of fear or perception? Is there any evidence out there about the lesser known sites selling fraudulent keys?

What are you thoughts?

  • I gave some thoughts because some of games on lesser known sites are very cheap. But I never bought anything from them. It's just that, well, some of them might be shady. And it's only couple bucks

  • Thank you for putting together some websites! Never really know what's real or isn't anymore now!

  • Offline in reply to JLee

    That's the thing... I've wondered on some of these key sellers website, how do they obtain keys? Someone once told me, some of the resellers on these sites sell their "surplus" titles. Basically an individual who might subscribe to either Humble Choice or Groupees and they sell the keys they don't want.

    Because of my Humble Bundle Choice subscription since 2015, I have a TON of keys I'm not using nor care to use. Couple that with my stupidity of buying Fanatical Mystery Keys in which most I don't want, I end up having a backlog of games I'll NEVER play.

  • I wouldn't take all of the sites as recommendations! Please don't! Many of the lesser known sites I've never had an experience with. I would say   if any site doesn't accept PayPal ... I stay away from them.

    The only sites I can personally recommend are Steam, Epic Game Store, Origin, UbiSoft, Microsoft Store, Humble Bundle, Fanatical, GamesPlanet, GreenmanGaming, Kinguin, and G2A.

  • May I recommend the SteamGifts community as a great way to give those unloved keys to folks who will enjoy them ... AND as another great forum to ask for feedback on these various resellers?

    PRO TIP: If you make giveaways there, set them to Level 1 minimum. That will keep most of the bots and auto-joiners out. <3

  • Thank you   that is very helpful. I will consider compiling a list of those keys and ask who may want a key for the games.

  • I also have a ton of extra keys from Humble and Fanatical. Do you know of any legit sites where users can trade their extra keys for those they don't already have? I see a lot of trading going on in Reddit, but I'm always concerned about the scammers.

  • Hey  nice to see you outside of the Freebies group. My man you have got to be the fastest poster here... Every time I think about grabbing something for free... I know I can count on you to post about it!!

    On the extra keys front, I feel the same as you. There are a lot of scammers out there. For now I've been providing keys to family and friends. For example one of my adult daughters is getting my Marvel Midnight Sons key that came with a Humble Bundle. I have considered selling my unused keys on Kinguin, but that would be to much of a hassle... maybe.

  • I do love my freebies... lol

    Yeah, I agree I don't really want to get into selling my extra keys and I have been giving a lot of them to family and friends, but I still have so many, especially since I'm on the yearly Humble Choice plan... I might have to start streaming just so I can give some away. lol

    It could be cool to host some community giveaways in the Freebies group. I would have to think a little on how might be the best way to do something like that.

  • I've gotten some good deals at  They have many older titles.