BEWARE of... The Little Devil Inside!!

You've probably been hearing a lot about this game today. It looks like a fantastic game, Neostream Interactive upcoming 3D action adventure RPG, Little Devil Inside! The game will be using a third-person perspective, and it will have elements of survival, combat, and open-world exploration.

Players will experience a world filled with atmospheric contrasts. Players will embark on hostile missions and journeys that will challenge their survival instincts and the choices they make.

Now here comes the bad news related to the title of this post... BEWARE of the Little Devil Inside. The trailers for this game look EXCELLENT much like the trailers for DokeV

When you see all of the buzz this week, remember or attain knowledge that The Little Devil Inside had a KickStarter with an estimated deliver date of 2015. Let that sink in! Nearly a decade of news, trailers, and etc., with nothing to show for it. No early access... no alpha nor beta... no playable demo and no early access. NOTHING!  One of their goals of the KickStarter was a Wii-U release. Remember that fact if you've become excited for this game today. When it was announced and funded the Nintendo Switch was but a gleam in the eye of Nintendo. And for now, as of today, nothing other than a trailer for over a decade of work. Ladies and Gentlemen this may be another The Day Before, Identity V, The Dead Matter and devices like Smach Z, and PGS. Guard your wallet carefully!

Be careful with your wallet if they restart another Kickstarter campaign, and/or if they start an Indiegogo funding.

I've been waiting for Little Devil Inside for years as well as DokeV. Yet like The Day Before... I'll wait with my wallet for days after (supposed) release, I strongly suggest you do the same...

What do you think?

  • I never heard of this game before, but it looks like something I might have liked. It really sucks there are so many scams for new games like that. I'm not talking about some well-meaning guy that bites off more than he can chew, I mean people that put out fake trailers and do all they can to fool people into thinking there is something when they never intend to deliver. I have no clue what category this game falls into but there have been a lot of really cool games that have come out from crowd funding; Kenshi, Zero Sievert, RimWorld, and Grim Dawn are a few that I still often play, but there are many more that were completed thanks to crowd funding. Who knows what awesome games we could miss out on because someone was scammed, not only the money lost to the bad actors but any future donations they might have made, or friends convinced not to donate because of their bad experience.

  • Never have i heard of this game, looks cool but yea nothing to show for it is really bad. 

  • Thanks for the heads up!! These shady campaigns are what killed kickstarter! 

  • Thank you for sharing the news.

  • Thanks for sharing. This looks very interesting, but definitely have caution when dealing with kickstarter.

  • Haven't heard of it at all. Now I'm wondering what might become of it all. But thanks.

  • Haven't heard of it , Thanks for sharing 

  • Thanks for the heads up..Do you have any other recommendations?..

  • I couldn't have said that better! Yes this industry is awash in bad actors scamming people out of money who give bad names to developers who are honestly attempting to make a great product. That people will love. I purchased Zero Sievert and planned to start it but I got mini addicted to Dragon Quest Builders 2 with my wife.