BEWARE of... The Little Devil Inside!!

You've probably been hearing a lot about this game today. It looks like a fantastic game, Neostream Interactive upcoming 3D action adventure RPG, Little Devil Inside! The game will be using a third-person perspective, and it will have elements of survival, combat, and open-world exploration.

Players will experience a world filled with atmospheric contrasts. Players will embark on hostile missions and journeys that will challenge their survival instincts and the choices they make.

Now here comes the bad news related to the title of this post... BEWARE of the Little Devil Inside. The trailers for this game look EXCELLENT much like the trailers for DokeV

When you see all of the buzz this week, remember or attain knowledge that The Little Devil Inside had a KickStarter with an estimated deliver date of 2015. Let that sink in! Nearly a decade of news, trailers, and etc., with nothing to show for it. No early access... no alpha nor beta... no playable demo and no early access. NOTHING!  One of their goals of the KickStarter was a Wii-U release. Remember that fact if you've become excited for this game today. When it was announced and funded the Nintendo Switch was but a gleam in the eye of Nintendo. And for now, as of today, nothing other than a trailer for over a decade of work. Ladies and Gentlemen this may be another The Day Before, Identity V, The Dead Matter and devices like Smach Z, and PGS. Guard your wallet carefully!

Be careful with your wallet if they restart another Kickstarter campaign, and/or if they start an Indiegogo funding.

I've been waiting for Little Devil Inside for years as well as DokeV. Yet like The Day Before... I'll wait with my wallet for days after (supposed) release, I strongly suggest you do the same...

What do you think?

  • No other recommendations at the moment. For all I know this game could be a surprise. Afterall Duke Nukem Forever was eventually released after more than a decade of development. Arguably the same could technically be said about The Day Before. Of course those products were released but did not in any way deliver on the "promises" of the trailers.

  • This looks really fun. I'll have to give it a try.

  • I'm thinking... you didn't actually read the entirety of the original post... or you did... and you are making a joke. And in that case, if you are... well played Sir... well played.

  • Agreed... and with Indiegogo.

    Years ago I came DANGEROUSLY close to dropping money on an Indiegogo or KickStarter for the SmachZ.

  • I would love to try this. It reminds me of the Trojan Horse.

  • Don't remember hearing about this game before, but it does look fun. I'm not about to do any kickstarter funding thoug. That type of thing makes me leary- too many frauds around. 

  • Sonds like a money grab. Thanks for the warning

  • It does look fun! I've been waiting on this game since it was announced more than a decade ago! I check on it alongside another game I've wanted for a long time DokeV. Have you seen it?

  • The game 'The Little Devil Inside' sounds exciting, fun, unique and active action. We'll have to wait for it's release.

  • I've never heard of this game before. It's cool to see games that were crowdfunded come to life!