Do you think AMD is better or worse than Intel when it comes to gaming? And why do you think that?

  • For me I began building PCs for myself, family, and friends since 1994. During that time, the choice was Intel, AMD, and will anyone remember this company... Cyrix. During the 90s and early 2000s you could do no better than Intel.

    When AMD released the Athlon line of CPUs, I began to take notice. Since my first Athlon I've been using AMD exclusively when I build a PC. IN my personal opinion price for performance is best with AMD. Sure are some Intel CPUs faster, absolutely, but as I said price for performance, AMD is king. Basically a $150.00 AMD CPU will provide better performance and value versus Intel. And overall an AMD purchaser may not need to purchase a GPU depending on their overall PC build budget.

    I will be transparent with my thoughts. Based on a deal from Amazon, my gaming laptop and my wife's gaming laptop are Intel. My gaming PC in the living room is AMD, my PC handhelds are AMD of course, and my small form factor PC for streaming services is AMD.

    What are your thoughts   For you is AMD better or worse than Intel for gaming?

  • Tony C. 
    Thanks for bringing the good memories back.When I was a teenager, my family got its first computer, a 286. I built my first PC in 2001 using an AMD Thunderbird CPU. That CPU and the Intel I7 3930K are my two favorite historical processors I have owned/used. 

    If I were building a new PC for gaming, the CPU I would use is the I7 14700K. I would strongly consider the AMD 7800X3D, but I game at 4K which puts the heavy load on the GPU vice the CPU. I need the better multicore performance of the 14700K but do not need the full on power of the 14900K.

  • Tony C,

    I’ve only owned one gaming laptop which has an intel i7 14th gen and honestly I have nothing to complain about, but as I said it’s the only cpu I have ever tried. 

  • Currently for the cost, Intel provides the most affordable option with their i5-13400. Sure the Ryzen 5 7600 offers better performance for just a couple of dollars more, but the parts required for compatibility make the build more expensive overall. 

  • My first computer at home was a Mac back in the mid 90s, but our first PC was an eMachines with Intel. The first chance I had to build a PC, I just went with AMD after a little research since it waRofljust for gaming (with no GPU actually). AMD left such a great impression on me for that build and the games I played that I didn't really see Intel in the same light. I'm sure on paper Intel may beRoflut AMD in some aspects, but I've always had such a great experience with AMD (on top of them being in consoles and now portable gaming PCs), I just thoroughly enjoy using them. Funny enough I find Roflre hiccups with my higher spec Intel work PC. Rofl The positive is though there's plenty for everyone to find what fits and works.  SFF PC for streaming sounds interesting. I'll have to look into that. I love MiniPCs

  • OMG ... I COMPLETELY forgot about the Thunderbird CPU! Thank you for that memory! The Thunderbird was a great line of CPUs!! Come to think of it, I believe Thunderbird was my first AMD CPU. Who would ever think there would be a day in which AMD's stock price https://www.google.com/finance/quote/AMD:NASDAQ would eclipse Intel https://www.google.com/finance/quote/INTC:NASDAQ I just wish I had dumped money into AMD years ago when I thought about it!

  • My first PC was a Gateway with Intel inside and I've been pretty loyal to Intel ever since. Although, I'm definitely not opposed to ever getting something with AMD in the future.