Anyone have experience with the Legion Laptops they can share?

I'm a big proponent of Lenovo products in recent years as we moved away from Dell.  Always been very reliable machines, well priced, Thinkpads have the best keyboards.  I'm actually debating right now about the new Legion 9i laptop with 4090 vs the a desktop with a 4090.  The heat generation has always been an issue that's essentially unavoidable in a small package like a laptop, alleviated by a desktop.  However, the new 9 series seems to have liquid cooling?  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  I would assume given how recently it was release there isn't much data to go on.

I have seen plenty of reviews on the Legion 7i with similar hardware, and most are very positive, with a few drawbacks compared to some (more expensive) competition.  One frequent one seems to be the heat.  Anyone else have this experience?

  • I have seen some reviews for the Legion 9, and the consensus seems to be that the liquid cooling in it right now is not yet perfect. It mainly targets cooling the VRAM once it reaches a certain temp, but the fan configuration is still the main cooling proponent for the CPU and GPU, and it works very well. That said, the bigger chassis of the Legion pro 7 laptop has been shown in some comparisons such as the one by GizmoSlipTech on Youtube to be more effective and allow for higher power and clocks and therefore would be the better performance option laptop wise. This tech will certainly advance in time though, next years Legion 9 may have more effective liquid cooling I’d hope. That said, the Legion 9 is still a very premium and well built device with the nicest display in the lineup, and if you value those things may be worth it to you. Last note though since you are considering it vs the Legion Desktop, the 4090 in any gaming laptop that’s fully powered to the laptop spec (175 watts) matches the performance of a desktop 4070ti (285 watts) which also matches up with last gens 3090ti performance for reference. That does make the laptop the most efficient option though. If you want the most performance possible, the Legion Tower 7i with a 4090 would be the best move.

  • Thanks for the thorough feedback!  Definitely something to consider, and I do have space for a desktop, plus a light Thinkpad for work.  Gaming is done at home, so I think the desktop seems to be the most effective solution here given the imperfect liquid cooling (and cheaper price).