Attention Span for Games

The thing with so many games has become that my friend group constantly keeps buying games than abandoning them a month later, yes we may come back in a while but I just feel like it's such a waste for these games. For instance Palworld, 1 month and now we have moved on to Helldivers 2. I feel like these games aren't given time to breathe because people play them constantly( one friend play 5-7 hours a night), I myself enjoy these games longer because I play a little at a time and enjoy a side single player game by myself( Midnight Suns, Persona 3 reloaded)

I personally enjoy paying for game pass and going through those games rather than buying ever new craze game.

Am I complaining because I'm a working adult now compared to when we were younger? Or is this a trend that has really become prevalent in gaming?

  • I recall a couple decades ago there were players just like your group who would buy the latest game, finish it quickly, and turn around to trade it in at Gamestop for the next hot release. 

    My backlog is so large, I've no idea what's hot and what's not. I play a game until I finish or tire of it & onto the next. I can take weeks, months before I try something new. 

  • Well, when you're an adult, you only have (at best) a few hours per week to spend on games. It has to be easy to pick up and learn, engaging, and feel like you are making progress in the short time that you have.

  • Thats the good and bad about viral games. Its every where on social media when its hot, but once it just gets stale. Time is a limited quality, and do whats best to have fun, whether its a niche indie game or the latest AAA.

  • When I retire then I can play all I want. Right now, because I still need to work this is only a part time hobby.

  • I get bored easily with games. It's kind of like the streaming services. There's just too much to pick from.

  • I also have switched to PC Game Pass for a lot of my gaming. I accumulated a back log of games that I have bought when prices for a game are too good to pass up and play those in between a few of multiplayer games that have been active for years mainly Battlefield games and Dead by Daylight and the games on Game Pass. I don't buy nearly as many games as I used to because of it so unless it is a game that I am extremely interested in it can wait and I get it for cheap a year or two later. The price hikes for games this generation also made me change my habits along with the fact that AAA games are not as original in design as they were a decade or more ago. I get more excited about indie games these days and Game Pass has brought some gems in that respect. I think some players just want to be part of the latest trend in gaming so they quickly move on to the next hyped game. I am definitely the opposite now that I am older. I know what I want in a game and if it checks all the marks I will buy it. Otherwise, it is a pass or I will pick it up later down the road if I am a little interested. This also gives time for the numerous games that launch half baked to get patched so it is a win/win situation.

  • I mean it's just the current nature of the gaming industry. But I usually play games like TFT, because it has sticking power. I haven't gotten bored of it, and it's constantly changing.

  • I think theres pressure since theres always new games being released. That and the fact that most people are really busy and don't have tons of time for gaming makes it easier to move on to the next thing instead of really putting a lot of time in one game.

  • Seems like games want to be talked about for a short amount of time. I guess that's not bad at all, because some of them last years with a community really interested into them. However, I think it's the large amount of games and platforms that come out almost every day, it really feels overwhelming at times. I do have a large list of games in my backlog, but I only buy games that I'm really interested in because I have not much money to spend on not that important things. If a left a game with no play time for a long time it's because I'm too busy, but I know I'll play it again to the fullest sooner or later.

  • I believe this is a trend, because they want you to keep buying instead of playing what you already bought. I like your approach with a side single player game. And I feel Game Pass is really great for people who have the time, so not me. Many times I had to rush through a game because it was announced that it would leave Game Pass soon... and some others I just gave up because I wouldn't have the time to finish the game...