What a Billionaire Thinks about Video Games

When you read the subject title of the post you might think... "I couldn't care less about what a billionaire thinks about video games!" I agree with you. Now you might be wondering... "then why are you posting about this?" I believe we all know the stigma behind our shared hobby that many who don't participate in it, simply don't understand. They believe it's something for kids or nerds in dark rooms and basements who refuse to go outside meet people, go on dates, or play sports devote their time. However, we all know different. many of us are married, have kids, lead meaningful rewarding lives, but simply find the simplicity of joy in relaxing with a video game.

I found this interview with one of the most influential billionaires on the planet... fascinating.

Now don't get me wrong... I'm no Elon Musk fan, but as I said, I found his opinion of video games... surprising. I believe you may as well. After watching, share your thoughts, I'd love to know what you think.

  • I know he plays Elden Ring,he posted about it. I dislike the idea that too many billionaires scoff at games and any of the thing we 'peons" do, so thats good on Elon.

  • Like to be a gaming billionaire someday 

  • He's probably not representative of most billionaire but it's good to have such connection with one

  • I think gaming is fairly mainstream now, so the stigma is fading. He's also of an age where he grew up with games, so it's not surprising he plays. I still find him repulsive, and gaming doesn't make him any more human to me.

  • Interesting, but I suspect that most billionaires and very successful business people, spend more time on running their "empires" and are not really into gaming.    The richest people are caught up in continuing to make more money as their "game" or way to have fun.   Once they pass a certain level of wealth, I would guess that making more money does not affect their lifestyle, and just accumulates...  So it's their game of choice.

  • Saw it was Elon Musk and had to pas.

  • Very interesting interview with Elon!!He's an atypical billionaire and a Renaissance man.

  • I love the thought that he likes playing video games..Hopefully he might use some of his money for them..

  • Saw the title and already kind of knew it was going to be him.  Everyone needs hobbies, just happens that most other billionaires don't game as a hobby.  I think the stigma behind games is dissipating fast, since the generation that grew up on games is older now and we have our own kids that we in turn try to game with.  That being said though, I have some cousins my age with kids the same age as my kids that think "video games rot the brain" - I've seen them interact and my kids are better problem solvers and are able figure things out on their own.

  • The usual billionaire is "old money", usually from inheritance. They probably only know about video games due to investments (Microsoft, TakeTwo, EA etc), and are too busy with business to play them.