What is your favorite keyboard to game on?

Hall Effect / Rapid Trigger boards are the new wave. I've just gotten a Meletrix Boog75 keyboard in, and man, I didn't realize how much more control you could get in games before this first HE keyboard experience. It makes movement feel so *** crisp, snappy and responsive.

What keyboards are you guys all rocking or what keyboards do you want / what is your endgame board?

  • Well, it's nice to come and see real people giving thoughts on good keyboards, I'm just using an old Microsoft digital media pro keyboard I found at a resale shop. 

    But I will tell ya, I have a Redragon Perdition M901 gaming mouse (pretty inexpensive) and boy do I love it, cause it has 12 buttons for my right thumb and you wouldn't believe how useful having that many controls accessed by the right thumb helps in all sorts of games. I can focus solely on movement with my left hand instead of having to take fingers off of movement keys to swap weapons or utilities.

    If I ever won a quality keyboard or something I would love to compare.

    Do you think it changed much when you upgraded?

  • My favorite keyboard has been the Corsair K100 since it has lasted me a long time without any issues. However, I am currently using a Legion k500 and for the price, I don't think there is any other keyboard that can beat it. Got it on sale when it was about $40 and it has become my daily use. 

  • I have a Corsair K65 that I really enjoy 

  • you can call me crazy but since i have a laptop I game on a half keyboard produced by redragon and i really enjoy it though it did take a little bit to get used to the offset space bar.

  • 100% it changed completely. I mean, i've only had this keyboard for 2 days now, but the crisp control is immediately noticeable. You can configure through web software exactly where you want the key to actuate as well as where to stop, so for example, I can set a .1mm actuation for ANY key individually so it triggers when it gets pressed .1mm. Then, from that .1mm pressed position, I can set it to un-trigger at .1mm so as soon as the key is let off (at ANY point of press, I could even bottom it out or press the key half way), the input stops. CRAZY crazy,.

  • Nice. Crosair is tried and true. Can't go wrong with them. You should definitely check out some Hall Effect keyboards if you get a chance. They really are a game changer, especially if you like FPS's.

  • Not crazy! A lot of people rock the budget king Reddragon keyboards. For the price, I think you get a lot for what you pay.

  • Custom Mechanical Keyboards

  • Oh wow, I never knew you could set the pressure sensitivity of some keyboards. That's really nice! 

    How have you used those options in gaming?