Nintendo's Latest... Victim?

If you've been paying attention to gaming industry news the past couple of days you've probably heard about Nintendo's latest foray into the legal system, this time with the developers of Yuzu. I believe we all know Nintendo fiercely protects it's IP, crushing remakes of popular titles and squashing modifications of their popular titles.

What I find most interesting of this latest lawsuit is that at least for now they appear to not be intent on going after the developers of Ryujinx unless they are planning a filing a separate lawsuit against them. Furthermore, it is interesting developers of older emulators have somehow escaped their ire in the past. Least of all when Valve was going to release Dolphin via Steam. Somehow the developers of Dolphin, as far as I know have escaped tangling with Nintendo.

Many gaming industry professionals and others with legal expertise speculate it was The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that caused Yuzu to be on Nintendo's radar for obvious reasons. Transparently speaking I was a bit surprised Nintendo didn't "come for" Yuzu and Ryujinx sooner. Don't take that statement as being pro Nintendo nor the entirety of this post to be pro Yuzu developers. My personal thought is that this is an interesting topic to discuss and an interesting current event about another developer Nintendo is... "coming for".

But, what are your thoughts? And mods... feel free to delete this post if it is to controversial at present or in the future. There will be no hard feelings, I'm simply engaging in the betterment of the Lenovo gaming community.

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  • I’ma huge proponent of emulation, especially to preserve classic games. I feel that Nintendo, as much as I love them, I’d over reaching their rights. They have shut down rom sites that preserved games from 20+ years ago that are not available anywhere. It just runs me the wrong way. 

  • Yay! Nintendo! You Go Nintendo! The greed takes over and the lawsuits are born.

  • While I love nintendo games, I am not a big fan of how the company deals with legal issues and their walled garden approach. They are the most anti-consumer of the big consoles in terms of ecosystem (while their games are probably the most gamer/consumer friendly with limited amounts of dlc (comparatively). If they don't give us a legal way to buy things, then emulation is 100% justified.

  • I love Nintendo games and their older systems but nowadays Nintendo is only thinking about suing someone and it sheds a bad light. I have a DS and game boy emulator on my phone and it’s runs amazingly well. I also have a 3DS emulator on my pc and it great bc I can play these games on consoles that I never could’ve played bc I couldn’t afford the consoles. I plan on getting Yuzu when I have time to play.

  • Nintendo has been ripping people off for years. 

  • Very good post.   I haven't been paying attention to gaming news but this was interesting and written well enough that I had to read it.   I am an EMU guy.  I use them to visit retro games that I grew up playing.   I have most of the games that I play on EMU so I guess that makes me mostly legal.   

    • You Go Nintendo - This is FANTASTIC!   Maybe not fantastic, but as long as your have patent protection for something, you have the right to protect it.  If a company wants to emulate or otherwise, they have the right to do so; Only if they have been given or paid for the rights to do so by the patent holder.    
  • Nintendo has the advantage of both money and time. It may technically be an overreach with emulation, but it's the legal system that allows this kind of "threat" to the smaller player

  • I don't see anything wrong with wanting to play games you already own in a different format. Emulation allows for things like better patches for graphics/audio, maybe different content if that's something that interests you. Maybe you want to play one of your classic games on the go. There's a difference between theft and emulation and unfortunately Nintendo has always been very extreme in their measures to prevent piracy.

  • Yeah I completely agree. I have a deep love and history for Nintendo as the original NES back in the 80's was the most influential platform for me. It was a huge step up from Atari games and it brought games like Super Mario, Ghosts n Goblins, Duck Hunt, Contra etc....that otherwise could only be played from an arcade machine which also had its charm to a device where you could play these amazing games at home without having to wait the lines and pump a roll of quarters into a machine so emulation is the only way for folks to play some games from Nintendo that in my opinion made the biggest impact on video gaming for future platforms, publishers and developers and what they would create after. Nintendo should value the deep admiration that emulators have in making it posssible for players that may not have even been born when they released. Some of the best game designs came from early Nintendo games. Such a shame Nintendo wants to fight against it. Playstation is also somewhat guilty of the same thing not offering backwards compatability for most games prior to ps4. There were absolute gems especially in the ps1/ps2 era with games like Bloody Roar, Darkwatch, and Sly Cooper to name a few that Sony left hidden  with no way to play them unless they decide to put them on their Premium tier game streaming service which is has only a fraction of the many great games on ps1/ps2. It would be easier to stomach if they made backwards compatability digitally kind of like what Xbox does with past popular titles but there are IPs that are footprints in the sand and will be a distant memory once generations who grew up with them are no longer. So sad. I know this post is long winded but the attempt to fight game preservation is probably my biggest gripe in the gaming industry even more so than some of the other greedy practices. Do owners throw away priceless paintings or sculptures or preserve them? Games are art and should be preserved as well especially the more impactful influential titles. It is also preserving history. Anyway I feel your sentiment 10 fold.