Yuzu is Now... Dead... and Citra Along with it

Well friends, the day many of us saw coming is now here. Nintendo has successfully gotten rid of Yuzu... and along with it... Citra.

The developers of Yuzu settled with Nintendo out of court for a sum of approximately 2.4 million dollars. Although not a court ruling, which is thankful because it could have established a precedent for emulation as a whole, Nintendo has successfully shut down an emulator. I assume the developers of Ryujinx can see the "writing on the wall" as I can't imagine they'll NOT be served this week with a similar lawsuit as the developers of Yuzu were last week. Although I've heard Ryujinx is totally open source and if that is indeed true, Ryujinx may be much harder to "take down".

Furthermore I was shocked to learn today that the developers of Yuzu also created Citra!! Today's events caused both emulators to be shut down today!


It will be interesting to see what other company's legal staff, such as Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and who knows potentially Commodore and Atari could be considering at this moment. I fear today, due to Nintendo's success, emulation may be seeing the beginning of the end. Their success in this "round", could spell the demise of other popular emulators for Nintendo systems and they will soon to disappear as well, regardless if the game can no longer be purchased from Nintendo currently or if ever in the future.

Today is a sad day for emulation and possibly a death kneel to emulation as a whole in the future!

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What are you thinking?

  • Is Citra actually dead? I thought it was just no more collaboration.

    The Yuzu folks kinda had it coming, in some respects, given their behavior. I'm more concerned about the statement they were made to include in their stipulation than I am about their projects. Saying that they - and implying most or any - emulation is primarily about facilitating piracy is wrong and dangerous, and I think that's exactly what Nintendo cared about. They are at war with emulation itself.

  • Thanks for the news update on this lawsuit! I'm not great with predictions when it comes to things like this but it doesn't look too positive for the emulation world. Although, to be fair the battle between Nintendo and emulation has been going on for quite some time...

  • Yes ... Citra is gone alongside Yuzu.

    This is what you see when attempting to go to Citra's website

    I believe a portion of the developers statement part of the 2.4 million settlement. Personally speaking I was more than surprised last year when Tears of the Kingdom was leaked to the world and that it could be run via emulation that this didn't happen sooner. When some idiot did that... it painted a target on Yuzu's back.

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    Agreed! It has been going on for a long time. That fight has often taken place with those who distribute the ROM files, not the emulators themselves. What makes this interesting is Nintendo's opinion of Yuzu and Citra is akin to someone suing a lockpick or "slim-jim" company for making available a product that people have used legally, do use legally and that some do indeed use illegally.

    Nintendo's opinion in this lawsuit is, if you have a legally owned cartridge or disc of or for any of their systems, you are NOT allowed to make a backup for the purpose of playing it on any system. Thus if you purchase a cartridge you are purchasing a LICENCE to play the game ... on THAT cartridge only.

  • Sad day for pirates, you mean.

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    Actually I wouldn't say that at all. Many people I know to include myself as well as some well known YouTubers have spoken about owning the cartridges for which they used Yuzu, Ryujinx, and Citra. Although I'm not so cavalier to recognize many people likely used Yuzu, Citra, or other emulators to run game titles they do not own. This lawsuit and settlement comes close to solidifying the fact that the game media you are purchasing from Nintendo is for all intents and purposes not a purchase at all. It is a rental. It is a rental license.

    The reason I personally think its a sad day is because if you read Nintendo's lawsuit, what they are saying is ... regardless if you've purchased a title on cartridge or CD, you are neither allowed to back up it up to run it on your device, nor use the backup if the original is accidently destroyed or stops functioning. Additionally you are unable to backup a cartridge you've purchased to run on another system in your personal possessions, even IF that system is another legally purchased Nintendo system.

    Thus Nintendo's stance is IF you've purchased and still have in your possession a cartridge for SNES or DS, you are NOT allowed to run it on your Switch. You must purchase the title again from their eShop or wait for them to provide it for sale on the Switch at some point in the unknown future to run it ... "legally".

    This in my opinion is another situation in which those who sail the seven seas have better options than we legitimate purchasers. That statement in NO WAY endorses sailing the seven seas. It's simply stating how we legitimate users are seemingly "punished".

  • This isn't surprising to me i'm more surprised nintendo waited this long to get involved. emulation is not that bad at least to me but to do what they were doing was just plain stupid when everyone knows Nintendo has a reputation for lawsuits. If they just made a free to use emulator and nothing else they may have had a chance to keep it up but they did it to themselves by making terribly illegal decisions.

  • Although the emulator is indeed free to use, I agree, providing early access through Patreon was not the smartest idea. Yet I think what landed them on Nintendo's radar was not charging money for early access, I believe it was last year when the leak occurred for Tears of the Kingdom... before it was officially released at retail for purchase. Although as far as we all know, officially, that leak was not the fault of the Yuzu team. Nevertheless maybe they shouldn't have taken a middle ground stance on it or trust the community stance on it.