Sigh... Yuzu = MCU Hydra

Today, I thought marked the end of Yuzu news. I was sorely mistaken!

Yesterday in a thread, someone mentioned, "when one emulator is stricken, another two pop up in it's place". Immediately I thought nothing of it, considering it hyperbolic and poking a bit of fun into the current state of things. After reading it, I nearly responded to the comment's author about never seeing that occur in the past. Ultimately, I didn't put much thought into it until moments ago after reading and verifying the authenticity of one one of my favorite sites. Seriously, I checked into it thinking, NO WAY is it true. I was sorely mistaken...

Like the MCU's Hydra, "cut off the head.. and two more will take it's place"!

That line in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is exactly what has occurred with Yuzu! No I'm not talking about Ryujinx who Nintendo has not filed suit against... yet! Isn't that strange? I'm talking about one emulator that surfaced today then was ran off GitHub by the community because the developer of it DID NOT previously contribute to the original source of Yuzu. The other, well... it is currently on GitLab. And looking at the activity... hmmmmmmm... you have to see for yourself. I'm genuinely shocked!

I'm in no way advocating for anyone to download either Yuzu "iterations", I'm merely stating the incredulous occurrence which introspectively, I did not expect to occur until MAYBE summer or fall 2024.

Personally speaking, I think any developer who gets involved with either project is rolling the dice on a future lawsuit, but I believe the ire of some for Nintendo at this moment in time, is worth the risk because they're angry. Maybe as angry as some in the community were at Sony years ago when Anonymous took down PSN for days. We may be in for some interesting times ahead of the Switch 2 launch.

What are your thoughts? 

  • I got a good chuckle out that. Indeed it has my friend... indeed it has!

  • An open source project can never die when it is still popular.

  • I surprised that there are people trying to start an open source project due to the possible lawsuit but I applaud everyone who participates in it because it helps keep emulators and older games alive.

  • Like a cockroach; hard to kill !  LOL  

  • You can't stop people from their tinkering... especially when fame can be had from filling the niche. You was super popular - anyone who can carry on that legacy will get major credit for it.

  • Nintendo is certainly doing their best lately to alienate / anger their once loyal fans. Will be interesting to see how Nintendo will be viewed in a few years and whether their next console iteration is shunned by the community out of sheer spite.

  • I don't think Nintendo can possibly shut down all emulators. When there's a will, there's a way.......