More bad news for gamers. Classic cool, edgy, subversive game studio brand Adult Swim is about to delete everything. They refuse to listen to reason. They refuse to give full ownership of the titles to the creators. Some may be published again if the creators maintained their Intellectual Property. Others will disappear entirely.

“I don’t know if they’re delisting it or deleting it,” Molinari told Polygon in an email. “I pleaded with the rep to transfer ownership to my company, as I still retain all IP and game rights. I sent him a link to Steam’s transfer page and explained clearly that it takes literally three clicks to transfer ownership to me. He rejected my request.”

“We requested that they transfer Fist Puncher back to our studio,” Lewandowski said. “Their response was that they ‘cannot transfer the game’ due to the fact that they ‘made the decision not to transfer ownership due to logistical and resource constraints.’”

I would like to help, but I just don't want to.  Just checked Newgrounds. Their account is 20 years old. Totally inactive for last 11 years. Hopefully, the new owners don't have the keys and don't even know it exists. Can't be costing them any money. Nothing they do makes sense anymore.

How do you feel about this? Are there any legitimate reasons, other than further milking insurance for losses by destroying more IP that made people happy? Have you played any of their games? Good memories there? I just started getting into Castle Doombad again for the 5th time, maybe. Nice little Tower Defense. You are the bad guy trying to stop the heroes and Mario types from saving the princess.

Warner Bros. is now erasing games as it plans to delist Adult Swim-published titles (       That's All, Folks.


    Apparently, they are not doing it for some reason. They are now doing what they should have done from the beginning and transferring the rights to the developers where they belong. Don't forget, Max is still planning to raise prices soon.

    "WBD now plans to transfer ownership of some of those games back to the indie devs that made them"


    Apparently, I need to set my clocks 4 days ahead to keep up with you.  I just watched an episode of GameLinked.  Here's the excerpt I just ffmpeg'd:

  • You should check on that thing from last night. There's been a development. "You were right."  

  • You should check on that thing from last night. There's been a development. "You were right."  


    "You were right."

    Was I?  I mean... I was. lol

    Last night?  I didn't draw Garfield on a woman's bare chest or nothin'—if that's what you mean? :-)