What did games teach you?

This one comes straight from our official @LenovoLegion Twitter account.

What did video games teach you?

For me... vocabulary! I remember distinctly learning words like "critical," "magnitude," "obliterate," and "mystic" thanks to Pokemon Gold/Crystal. 

What about you?

  • If you ever spent time in a computer lab in school in the 90s and played the game math munchers....You learn very quickly that video games can be fundamental for gravitating a child's attention and teaching them without them being exhausted of being taught.

    Overall though one of the things I've been getting from this year is that gaming can unite us even when we feel the most distant. 

    I've also been learning that my reflexes are not as fast as they used to be as I'm getting my butt kicked on a lot of these shooters. Maybe I'll just stick to fall guys

  • Practice makes perfect, try out AimLabs

  • Practice makes perfect, try out AimLabs

  • Lmao did the opposite for me LOOOOL.