What did games teach you?

This one comes straight from our official @LenovoLegion Twitter account.

What did video games teach you?

For me... vocabulary! I remember distinctly learning words like "critical," "magnitude," "obliterate," and "mystic" thanks to Pokemon Gold/Crystal. 

What about you?

  • I feel that, RIP muscle memory, it also doesn't help that a lot of us just have less time in general for gaming these days (ironically!)

  • The Dark Souls series - and just about everything from From Software - has taught me to embrace things that seem difficult at first, and that failure is just a part of life.  

  • , see my post below. :)

  • also that many evil things can be done in the name of self righteousness 

  • patience lol I mean honestly ya i get mad at some games but for the most part just to remember its all supposed to be fun.

  • It's harder to accomplish things when you're stressing about them. Walk away for a bit and come back when you're in a better mind space. This works whether you're fighting a hard boss in game or if you're fighting with a significant other.

  • Computer gaming started my career path into IT and later on development. I use to repair Amigas back in the day when I was younger. From there I started building, repairing computers to sell to others and got my first IT position as a paid intern with a summer camp soon after. Besides the skills I've learned over the years, gaming allowed me to network and stay sharp on the edge of tech and user needs as I progressed my career.

    Arcade gaming taught me how to hustle. From side tournaments among friends to going to local prize pool stuff. This is before the internet was being used by everyone so a lot of this came from getting to know organizers and networking with the local arcade rats.

    Bonding is a big deal too. I still game with the ppl I met in the 80's and gaming has been one of the best ways to stay in contacts and cultivate these friendships which now extend to our children and beyond.

  • Well, I can say for certain that years of playing Runescape as a kid helped hone my typing skills. 

  • As a parent I found  there are really cool games that can be educational for my kids, like all different versions of Civilization, it teaches strategy, critical thinking, history ( it has pretty good historical accuracy as much as simulation game can have) and diplomatic skills. You can play in multiplayers mode as well.

    And it helps to create a bond with your kids, especially pre-teens, and sometimes even maintain their healthy life style - thanks to Pokemon-go I don't need to spend hours to convince my kids to go for a walk. If we have a Pokemon-stop on the greenway, kids will be outside in 5 minutes, walk for hours smiling and ready to catch them all :) 

  • it Nourished my creativity,Fed self-confidence and Encourage problem-solving