Gaming chair, Office Chair, or Some Kind of 3rd Party Trash?

I have to stop putting "or some kind of 3rd party trash" in my titles when there're more than two options.

Anyways, I've been switching between my gaming chair and a regular office chair lately and I'm actually kind of liking my office chair a bit more.

On what do you like to sit when using your PC?

  • Does dining room chair count as third party trash?

    I'm addicted to this new Herman Miller x Logitech chair, it's an awesome combination of good ergonomics while also looking pretty sweet.

  • If only it was a little cheaper. I would love to try it out.

  • i got a mix i guess. not official gaming chair, but it is certainly not an office chair. I rather love it and would say it is quite similar to a secret lab style chair.

  • Herman Miller seems to be the biggest name in office chairs and this is officially the most white collar statement I have ever made.

  • I'm a bigger guy, so once I started work from home during the pandemic, I invested in a well-built gaming chair (Fantasy Lab), and have been very pleased with the support it provides, and the stability. 

  • If it were $1000 cheaper, I'd have one too lol. I'm going for a Secretlabs chair, but the shipping date is 2 months out

  • I am 100% with a gaming chair!

  • Does kitchen room table chair count?? 

    Seriously though As a kid if you just put a system in front of me it didn't matter if I had the floor or bean bag chair or just a chair cushion. The comfort of my body didn't matter only the completion of the game. 

    Y'all got it too easy these days

    And all seriousness though I prefer gaming bed

  • I have a Respawn gaming chair that I got for Christmas last year. When the chair was new it was so comfortable, but now it's well worn and the padding is lacking. I miss my old SteelCase chair from the office I worked in. That chair was 15 years old, but still comfortable.

  • 100% the same. Have a Respawn chair, it's good for what it is, but I miss my mesh back SteelCase chair from work.