Favorite Games to 100% or Get Platinum Trophy

So I just 100% Spider-Man and all the DLC's as I was waiting for Miles Morales to come out and I wanted to share my favorite games that provided the most pleasure in getting 100% completeion or the platnium trophy. 

1.) God of War 

This was a heck of a challenge to get a platinum trophy here its ultra rare and only 4-5% of people have achieved this trophy. One of the challenging trophies to get for full completion is killing all the Valkyries including the Queen Valkyrie. I loved the time and effort to complete this game. Anyway it was an extremely fun and challenging to get this trophy. 

2.) Horizon Zero Dawn

I love dinosaurs and i love the originality of this game and the world building. This trophy wasn't hard to get ultimately but it took a grind to do it. Lots of collectibles and completion areas to achieve this and it takes some time. However, because the world was so cool and immersive I loved being able to go back and finish these tasks... well worth it and the Frozen Wilds DLC was amazing. 

3.) Spider-Man 

This was fun but also repetitive and there are some accomplishments in the game that take forever to grind out to complete. Not my favorite as far as completionist goes but still a very accessible and rewarding experience to grab a platinum trophy. The upside is that the mechanics and different fighting styles in the open world dont get too boring and the game gets more challenging as you progress.  The bad is that there are way too many side missions and obscure tasks to complete like finding hidden locations or activating fast travel towers. Don't get me started on base clearing..... 

4.) Rocket League

I actually didnt notice that I got this platinum trophy at first because i have played this game sooo much. It was one of those that when the icon came up and said I achieved it I was like what?,,,,, How? 

5.) Jurassic World Evolution 

If I didnt like dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park series so much I wouldn't even have bothered.... This takes way too long to accomplish and get mind numbingly boring to obtain.. Still a great game though if you are into park builders and dont care about 100% or getting a platinum trophy. 

Special consideration: Lego Jurassic World.... Also any LEGIO Game :p 

What's the point in this? They are too easy and not challenging enough. If you want to rack up platinum's play all the LEGO games. 

I would love to hear about your favorite games and what you completed or were awarded platinum and the good and bad of your achievement 

Also I am 95%+ completion in GTA 5 and RDR2 and it bugs me a lot.... Need to finish those. 

  • Also... Naughty Dog games are no joke insanely hard to complete 100% and get the platinum trophies. Has anyone completed Uncharted or Last of Us? 

  • I've never been able to get every achievement in Rocket League because the Bubbles on Aquadome one is bugged and does not trigger for me.

    Otherwise, I loved getting Platinum on Horizon: Zero Dawn. That was probably my favorite game this generation to get all the achievements in.

    For past generations my favorite was Tomb Raider: Legends on the 360. That game was so much better than the PS2 Tomb Raider.

  • Assassin's Creed 2 was the first game ever 100% on Xbox 360. I get to distracted these days and don't play games long enough to be the completionist I used to be.