Are PS5 Titles worth it over PS4 Titles?

As Sony launches a new console are the potential higher price points worth the capabilities of the PS5 if you can play the same games for potentially cheaper on PS4? When does the new gen performance really switch into high gear where these publishers can take full advantage of the new internals? 

  • Is Sony still releasing the games on PS4 after PS5 launches? That would be interesting...

    I think a lot of the upgrades are pretty hard to pass on, the SSD and higher refresh rate in particular. If I were on PS more, I'd probably upgrade just for those two features. Even on older games, the faster load times and reaction speed for competitive games are immediate upgrades with these changes.

  • They are releasing Spider Man: Miles Morales on both systems and I expect they will do the same for others. I do hear the SM:MM is beautiful on PS5 with the new Ray Tracing though and that load times from menu to in game is 4 seconds. 

  • not sure yet. i skipped over the PS4 alltogether, so for PS5 to be purchased by me it will need to be wonderful

  • Oh man PS4 was up there for a SONY console 





    thats my ranking at least

  • Honestly the load times alone are completely worth it. A comparable NVME SSD on PC is over $200 as it is so for an entire dedicated platform for exclusive titles it's an easy buy for people into the PlayStation style single player games.

  • It's my understanding that PS4 and PS5 are very similar from an architectural standpoint, so it stands that developing games for both PS4 and PS5 could happen for a while. I think Ray tracing might factor in, but I've yet to see a implementation of Ray tracing that makes the old rasterized graphics completely obsolete (maybe with the exception of the yet to be release minecraft RTX). Ultimately I think it will come down the load times and how developers start to utilize those new SSD's.  This doesn't just affect load screens, but also how much detail can be on the screen at once in big open world games. You can almost always scale back the graphics to work on older hardware, (Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch?!)  but I'm willing to bet that the old spinning HDD's will be the bottleneck that really separates the old console from the new.

    My guess, is that sometime around when the next Elderscrolls is released development for the PS4 will pretty much be done.  

  • As far as I know of, most of the games that they have released like Miles Morales Spiderman game and the Newer Call of Duty games they usually have an upgrade for most of their PS4 games. As far as I know of Rainbow Six Siege and Borderlands 3,and many other games similar, have an upgrade to their graphics and their load times when you upgrade to t he PS5.

  • I certainly do not plan on getting a next gen console.

  • Supposedly, all games should be released on both platforms, atleast for a while. The PS5 would just have a better experience in any game, while the PS4 will lag behind in performance.

  • What about PS5 on that list?