Should Playstation focus on backwards compatibility?

Playstation focusing on streaming services for PS3 games using PlayStation Plus Premium feels like a buzzkill. Last month there was a report that Sony would be establishing a division dedicated to the preservation of their games so I’m hoping there’s something that connects

  • yeah they'll just throw them in the highest tier of the subscription and that'll be all they do probably haha.

  • Yes I would have loved having a PS system that could play my collection of classics. at this point if Sony released a system focused on the classics, I'd Buy it.

  • Yes I believe PlayStation should start to make backward compatibility for all of the PlayStations because I have a lot of ps2 games that I really want to play but I don’t think I would actually be able to do it. I would also like PlayStation to have cross compatibility with other consoles like Xbox, I am the only one in the family who has a PlayStation and I don’t want to play on a Xbox to play games with them. I know on the ps4 there are a lot of games that are cross compatible with Xbox and not on pc or the other way around. I think it would just make sense for all games to be cross console and you can play with anyone on any console.