Best Value for money game

In your opinion, whats the game with the best value for your money? Ex: game with the most stages or checkpoints without it feeling stretched out or pointless.

  • Probably some ARPG would be the "best value" for my money. I personally like the Ni No Kuni games and I loved every minute of playing it!

  • Currently several Fallout games are on sale. Those games at less than $5 are incredible values in terms of how much content is included

  • It just comes down to the type of games you like. I for one found games like Bloons TD6 and Binding of Isaac to offer 1k+ hours of content. I really enjoyed these two games and found joy in the diversity of playstyles available to the point I had to uninstall them because I was investing too much time. 

  • I really like games that have base/city building and lets you get creative. Terraria, Core Keeper, Rimworld, Project Zomboid, and Grounded are some that I have played lots of that have other stuff like fighting monsters and getting resources, but there are tons of other popular games that I haven't played but are popular; Cities: Skylines 7 Days to Die and Minecraft (I'm probably the only person on Earth that hasn't played Minecraft, lol) are three that I'd like to try and have heard good things about.

    I was surprised at how much fun I had playing World of Warcraft, too. I was just messing around on a friends computer while I was waiting for him and got really sucked in to the storylines. I played that for many years until I stopped. I keep thinking about starting up again, but there's so many games I want to play and I know I'd get hooked in again if I started. If you like RPGs then there are tons that are multi- and singleplayer. Like someone said the Fallout series is really good, as is The Witcher 2 and 3 (I haven't tried 1), Wasteland 3 and Grim Dawn are really awesome single player RPG's, too. 

  • I think that if you really are into a certain game, then you'd buy it no matter if you think it's a bit pricey. Like FFXIV online subscription, people pay to play because that's part of their entertainment budget and they like it.

  • Based on my Steam account hours played -- Total War Medieval II, Total War Attila, Mount & Blade Warband, Total War Rome II, Total War Shogun 2, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, Expeditions Rome, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.