First impressions of the new PS5?

The PS5 has been out now for a few days - what are your first impressions?

How does this console compare to previous generations? Can you feel the performance difference?

How are the PS5 games looking so far?

  • I cant get one and the ones I have seen look like monoliths in your living room. 

  • The games made specifically for the PS5 are lacking at best.    

  • I think the Ps5 is a great console being the PlayStation fan from way back and the specs are perfect and the design is beautiful.

  • I'm surprised this didn't get more traction on the forums 2 years ago. Sweat smile I only recently got my PS5 (with disc) about 2 months ago. Moving from the PS4 to PS5, I'm sad there's some things that were left behind (like themes and custom photo backgrounds), I think the PS5 is definitely brings PS into the next gen category well.The SSD storage on a console has been great, despite the down side of the stock drive being smaller than 1TB and the games being so large. I'm glad I was finally able to get one two years later, but I just wish there was more carryover from the PS3 to PS4 and subsequently the PS5 with personalization.