PlayStation Game Saves

Were you aware that PlayStation locks saved games to the person who saves them? 

  •  I found out when I tried to transfer my daughter's Minecraft save from my account(PS5) to hers(PS4).  It wouldn't let me load it.  I know it is to prevent people from selling saves and that makes sense.  I just think they could find a better way to do it.   

  • Yeah Playstation has made quite a few questionable decisions. I have never used the family share feature on any of my PS consoles but it seems like a no brainer to be able to transfer saves from consoles in the same household. I wasn't aware of this and also don't know if you tried doing it through the family share feature or not. I always disliked that cloud saves are locked behind a PS Plus subscription and now with the most recent price hike for the service it just feels so unfair to folks who don't play online. I get the subscription because I play Battlefield and Dead by Daylight multiplayers on a regular basis but I have a few friends who strictly play singular player games and are extremely annoyed that they have to pay for cloud saves . I believe Sony are the only platform that forces this model. I am hoping that now that Jim Ryan is stepping down as CEO the new leadership implements more consumer friendly practices. I have been a loyal Playstation fan for generations but have seriously been contemplating on not getting a PS6 and just upgrading my gaming pc or getting a new one next gen. Too many bridges have been burnt for me.