PS6 or new PSP?

What device would you prefer Sony to release first? A PS6 or a new handheld device like a new PSP? Frankly I love the idea of a new PSP that is affordable enough but can play games at a lower setting and resolution and would prefer to have that instead of a normal home console like a PS6

  • I would take a handheld any day. I think Playstation made a huge mistake killing off the PSP/Vita. I think they could've made something amazing by this point in time if they continued making the PS vita. I think making a new handheld will boost creativity at Playstation and the new games will be something you wouldn't get on the PS5 so I hope they one day try to make a new handheld soon.

  • I would wait to get the ps6. I currently have a ps4 and kinda still not wanting to upgrade until the ps6 is out, not sure when and how long imma have to wait.

  • New PSP for sure. A PS6 feels way too soon IMO. I remember playing on the PSP and loving all the games that I can play and loved it a lot. 

  • Handheld would be great. I don't feel like the PS5 has had a long enough run yet to be looking at the next gen. 

  • What about both , a Nintendo switch solution Smile

  • Omg I thought reading just the title at first that song released a PS6 and new PSP. I nearly shat myself hahaha 

    definitely modern PSP is my vote. I still have my original and would love to be able to connect to WiFi and be able to play games without having the physical disc.

  • New PSP, I know they have some sort of handheld, but it is really just for streaming from your existing system. Something standalone would be cool.

  • Idk I'm torn I think that a handheld would be awesome as I've never used one but on the other hand I love my ps5 so a ps6 would just be a step up in ps gaming

  • I feel like a new PSP is unnecessary at this point, but I admit I'm not a Sony guy, the only thing I've owned was the original PSP.

    It feels like Sony doesn't really do enough with the hardware to distinguish itself. They tried a bit with the Vita, but it was underwhelming compared to basically any Nintendo's system gimics. So your basically making a handheld PC that won't have Windows and in exchange... it can play PS exclusives earlier? I don't know if I see the point.

  • I would like to have a psp that has a plug in for disc games