What are your hopes for the Playstation May showcase?

Sony has yet to announce a hard date for the showcase, but everyone is still expecting one to drop before the end of the month. What are you hoping to see? I think it's a given that Silent Hill 2 Remake will be shown in a bit more detail. But I want to see more of Metal Gear Delta in action. I've been a bit iffy on both, but I really want Konami to prove me wrong and show something exciting. 

  • Idk if they are really having one this month but I really hope to see some original games. I'm tired of live service games so I hope to see some single player games and RPGs. I want something exciting to be announced but I remember hearing some news that they don't have any games like GOW or Horizon coming out so I doubt anything big will be shown off but I will happy to be surprised.

  • Every year I hope for something on Bloodborne, but I doubt it will ever happen. 

  • Free online multi-player 

  • I'm keeping my expectations low, to be honest, lol.  I want to be surprised if there are something excited being shown but, I doubt it.