Which assassins creed games are worth playing?

I have PS Plus and haven’t played AC til 1-3 came out ages ago, which ones would you recommend?

  • Assassins creed 2 and assassins creed brotherhood are the best

  • I'm in a minority where I actually really like the open world games so Origins and Odyssey with Odyssey being my favorite. Black Flag is also great and stands up to the test of time... and funny enough, it's what everyone really wanted Skull & Bones to be (but wasn't). Valhalla was the one I was MOST pumped for, but they really disappointed me. I found the combat to be button-smashy and there were no areas where you couldn't just brutalize your way through it. 

  • I like all of them, but Brotherhood to me is the best one.

  • I enjoyed the first one!

  • Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy/collection is the combination you should play. 

  • My favorite is Black Flag, very fun pirate times.